The Hopscotch forum is unfair


So its fair other people can talk about their beliefs and post crosses as there profile pic but i cant even say catholic? Wow. @codingCupcake123


what you talking about?


But you gotta treat your neighbors too :new_moon_with_face:


2 of his topics got closed.

One for spam (Posting the mass tag list over and over) and the other for...i dont wanna disscuss it.


Go onto her topics she made 2 topics of with the same name.

Look at them


Ok Thanks for telling


You're welcome.


I change the title (you can change it back if you want)

Ok I checked them out there are both closed because a lot of flags!

I just like doing this weird text!


U weren't being nice exactly so don't just place the blame on them




I've tried being nice


Im a boy... i cant believe ive let you call me s girl like ten times lol


Sorry about that dude.


Wow. I thought I knew you. I thought you were a nice person, but you called everyone on here a sinner, and I don't know how not being catholic means I'm a sinner. Seriously. You called everyone a sinner and I'm crying right now because I thought I was your friend. I guess I'm just a sinner like, according to you... everyone on here.


He's pretty calm about it.
Don't blame him for that.


Also, I'm pretty sure you are allowed to have crosses, just don't call people sinners. It's really rude.


Yeah ok

I'd use a different word


You were disrespecting other religions and trying to force us to make a project, supporting Satan. You're the unfair one.


I personally am episcopal. I always feel weird because a lot of my friends are catholic and Jewish.... honestly, why does it matter? We're all equal here.