The Hopscotch forum is okay (^-^)



Hi! I made this topic because some people have been saying things like:

“I can’t even with this forum any more”
“The forum is literally trash now”
“Really… This forum… Ugh…”

(These are just for example. I’m not quoting anyone directly.)
Well anyway, guess what?
The forum is awesome! :D
The forum is amazing! :D
And the forum is okay.

This isn’t just my opinion. It’s true, there are almost no issues with this forum. There are issues with everyone on this forum.
And there isn’t anything wrong with that, nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes :)

But you shouldn’t say there’s a problem with the forum when there isn’t. The only problems on this forum are bugs/glitches.

So then, the problem we have with getting reported/flagged when there’s nothing wrong with the post? The problem we have with off topic posts and topics?

All of these are caused by the people on the forum, not the forum.

Saying the forum is messed up won’t fix anything. Saying the forum is trash won’t fix anything.

If we want to fix these problems, we simply have to work on fixing them! :D

Here are some tips that might help:

  • If a new user makes an off topic topic, don’t flag it immediately. Remind them of the rules first, and if they don’t listen, flag and then ignore the topic.

  • If a user who knows the rules makes an off topic topic, flag and ignore the topic.

  • If you see a post that annoys you and there is nothing else wrong with it, don’t flag it. Flagging is reporting, and there’s no need to report a perfectly fine post just because it’s annoying to you. Use your flags only if you see something that breaks the rules.

  • If you think some users on the forum are getting way too off topic, don’t complain. Remind them that this is the Hopscotch forum. And if they don’t listen, flag their off topic posts and ignore them. (Remember that in some topics being off topic is okay)

  • If you get flagged for no reason, don’t complain. Ignore it. It’s okay to get upset about this, but there’s no reason for you to bring this kind of negativity on to the forum. It’s okay to ask why it was flagged, but don’t be mean about it, and don’t ask who flagged. Asking who flagged a post creates unnecessary drama.

  • Don’t side with people just because they are your friends. I understand not wanting to get your friends in trouble, but if they are breaking the rules, they need to stop. Remind them of the rules and if they don’t listen, flag their posts breaking the rules.

Remember, it’s up to us to keep this forum organized and fun. Together, we can make it great and keep it great :D

Thanks for reading!! ^-^
I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with this topic, I wasn’t trying to :o


Also don’t reply, it’ll be unlisted then.

Unless it’s one of my topics.


I agree. Some people say this forum is mucked up because of GT’s but really its not


Sorry NindroidGames, but if this is the case, we still shouldn’t respond to your off topic topics XP


Yeah! That’s why I made this topic. And If they don’t like general topics (which usually do contain a lot of code related chats) they can mute them ;)


Well… I have tried to mute the random catigory once and it does nothing. They still appear in latest


You can mute the general topic tag then, or mute the topics individually ^-^

Honestly I don’t think anyone should mute the random stuff category, as its actually intended for random code related things. Read the description ;D


That doesnt work either


I muted it


I don’t really know then… See everyone, this is a problem with the forum. A bug ;)


Maybe there’s more then one general topic tag? I don’t know.


No. I used the same one. This really needs to get fixed


Cool topic! But I’m pretty sure that when people say things like “The forum is so bad now.”, I think they’re referring to the forum community, not the actual website. The website itself has nothing wrong with it, really.


@FluffyMice Why would you mute my amazing topic??? We talk about iPad’s and code and other stuff! You even posted on my topic!!


Well… I just want to look at code rlated studf. I will probaly be unmuting it lots though (if the mute button wprks)


Probably true.

(Also hi Long Time no See.)


This is a great topic, @lollypopcorn
Very well written, true, descriptive, and informative! Great job!


I know, but even then there’s no need to complain. Especially when you could be helping the community get better! (^-^)


Thank you so much Swati_Bang!! :D


“This isn’t just my opinion”

dude. this is. literally an opinion. do you know what an opinion means? lemme pull up a definition for you.

It is not a FACT that the forum is “OK,” because everyone has different definitions of the word “OK.” this is an opinion. do you know what also is an opinion? that the forum is literally trash. and you’ll have heck of a time changing a sizable percentage of the forum’s opinion. Sure, if you’re talking about the website itself, then that’s a fact, because the website is not a conscious being with behavior, unlike the actually real people who all act different ways and all have different definitons of what is acceptable behavior.

like it or not, hun, my OPINION is that the forum is trash, judging off me losing regular on my main account for being flagged over the word “stupid.,” some of the best members of the community leaving, and the resurgence of the faux-happy parade. I have no problem over you having the opinion that the forum is good, great even. But HERE is my problem with this topic, and you in general:

Your opinions are not morally right and FACT. you need to stop claiming them to be, and you need to stop pushing them on other people.