The Hopscotch Files! :0



This was ignored inspired by the Maltese Files!
Here, I will be posting files about Hopscotchers!
Tell me if you want to volunteer and I will put you on the waiting list!

Waiting List

The first file:

The truth about MiracleShoutouts

Part one of two
Made by MiracleShoutouts
MiracleShoutouts was created to give Shoutouts, but it has turned into an account for @Phase_Admin and Tankt2016 (boy), how did this happen?
The following includes some violence and weird stuff, including drama, so if you do not like those things, please do NOT read from now on. Thank you.
MiracleShoutouts had just been created, and @A10 was getting 5 members. The secret then appeared to those 5 that people were trying to guess the five. Now, I know who 3 of the five are. Most people only know two.

How MiracleShoutouts is NOT Illumiati

You may be thinking this is impossible, all possible clues lead to MiracleShoutouts being Illumiati, right? That's just a scheme planned by the Illumiati!
MiracleShoutouts is two words, two plus two is four. Four times four is 16, and if you divide that by three, it would equal 5.33333333333, which if MiracleShoutouts were Illumiati, then 16 divided by 3 would equal 3 times something. MiracleShotuouts is NOT Illumati. Need more evidence? Illumati is nine letters, nine divided by two equals 4.5, which is not an Illumati number! Case closed!

MiracleShoutouts was supposed to be a Shoutouts account, but it has turned into an everyday forum account. I almost have Regular. MiracleShoutouts was forgotten after A10 left dismally. Then, MiracleShotuotus was revived and entered some flames of war. Then the forum settled down and MiracleShoutotus became perky again!
To be continued...




Again, waiting list.

Waiting List



Replies, anyone?







XD I was reading the topic when you put in the tag list. XD


Lol so I'm confused with this could u explain a little better


I stared at this topic when it was first made and left..... ... ....

I just woke up from then.


Remember the Maltese files made by @TheRainbowChicken? This is like that, but with all Hopscotchers!

Just tell me if you want one. :slight_smile:


Could I have one?



I'll put you one the waiting list.


Oh...ok then could I be one of the files???
Lol do u need to know anything about me to make it?.


I hope I get regular soon. XD. Then you can add your own names.


You should be regular !! You'd make a great regular!


I'm almost there too!

2 days, read 73 topics!


Wait how do u know how can I know when I will be regular??


The truth about CatFace4

CatFace4 probably likes cats, right? Cats are part of the Illumati, right? Wrong!

Dogs are part of the Illumati, while cats made a force to stop the Illumati! But this case is not closed. CatFace4 Cat + Face = 7...7 - 4 = 3...Is CatFace4 part of Illumati, or is CatFace4 an Illumati spy working for the secret society against the Illumati? Spy...Spy = 16 + 19 + 25 = 60...60 divided by 3 = 20, so that proves CatFace4 will NOT be Illumati. CatFace4 is a spy against the Illumati, and acts like s/he is.

CatFace4, case closed!
Part one two


Ask a leader. @PopTart0219 , @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Mathgirl, @Intellection74, @Gilbert189, can we have regular check ups?


Yep it would be awesome if I could see...


Wait I'm next Yayayayaya for the fi,Es!


I will do that at around three. :smiley:


That is so cool! I love the idea! I'm very shhh not mysterious, so I shouldn't have a file. I might request one later though! :smiley:
Slow footsteps getting quieter and quieter receding into the darkness until you can't hear anything except your own breathing Why do I do that? XD