The Hopscotch Fanart Page!



This is the Hopscotch Fanart Page. As the name suggests, you make hopscotch fanart! Make fanart of/for hopscotchers, their characters, code, and more!

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


I think this should be a little more related, and all art posts go in the Drawing topic. :3

Great idea tho!

I have too much fan art :0


That's what I was thinking. But, it's still good just to post one type of thing
That's why I made this topic! :wink:


Maybe post hopscotch fanart here? Or fanart drawn on hopscotch? :D

Remember, all topics need to be related to hopscotch or the forum. :D
This could also go into the Drawing Topic! :3


....I knew this topic would be useless :slight_smile:


To make this Hopscotch reated, people could make fanart for a person on hopscotch that they look up to!



Guys, I think that is wut @MissFluffyHuskyz meant. Fanart to great hopscotchers like my Gilbero Pixel Art! And @MissFluffyHuskyz , Make sure to make you're first post a little more descriptive!
Plz no flame war...


(I'm not good at descriptive :I)


Maybe more like fanart for fav hops?


Sure. I'll go change the name right now


@HRR1213 Can I make some fanart for chu? :3


@MissFluffyHuskyz! I dont care... I'm going to make fan art for Nummy...


P.S: Are you a SeaWing/RainWing or a NightWing/SandWing? I'm confused :0
(P.P.S: Why are you grumpy? Is there something wrong?)


Fan art. Boom




That's absolutely amazing! :clap:

@SmilingSnowflakes drew my original profile pic, so most credit goes to her :DD


I was going to add a mustache but then I figured you were too cool for one :sunglasses:


I am NightClan, but WOF terms Nightwing/SandWing! Yea... Namiz waited 1 month to tell me why I was banished from NightClan... They aren't suppose to have feelings... Also here fan art for le @Yellowdragon!
Its not good... But yea!


Ray! Plz reply! I need to know so I can start on the fanart :0



Thank you! :blush:



(Only typing this so I can post :T)