The Hopscotch Fall/ Spring Festition



What does Turkish Delight taste like?
(Lol, the one time we tried to make it it smelled horrible and was lumpy.)


It’s really good and we are still going off topic. If you want try to make it again.


December Has Arrived!

So, what does that mean? That means that we are in our last month of creating projects for the Festition! If you want to join, you still have time! Everyone has until the 21st id December to create their project/s!
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Wait, aren’t I a judge?


Ok people seriously need to stop tagging me and telling me to participate in these. Especially when I only offer to give prizes. And/or judge.

I offered to judge here.
That’s it.
Nothing about that means that I am participating


Oh, I am sorry. I saw your tag so I put it on without looking if you were a judge or a contestant. My bad.


Yes, sorry ‘bout that.


It’s fine
Just, look next time :))


Meh, it’s fine! I like being tagged!


I’m almost done anyways, so I’ll be ok and I’ll turn mine in soon



If you would like to join, you still can! Projects must be submitted by the 21st of December!