The Hopscotch Fall/ Spring Festition



Here is my entry for pixel art: Ice Cream Cone Pixel Art By Cheeseperson Made on the original Hopscotch app!


Nice. Really like it. Maybe next time you could make the cone taller.


Yeah, I’m not good at pixel art so I decided to just enter this instead of making something better


You want to join my team? (@Legendary_myth and @SarcasticTvHead)


Hey! Im in your team, yeah? Yeah I am.


What category do you want to do?


I would just like to remind people that this still exists.


I could judge if you need a judge. I could always pop in on the forum to give my opinion and I still have Hopscotch


How are all of the teams doing?


Can we add the 3D trail art category to our team?


Here’s my entry for trail art


Looks great! It actually looks like an image, it’s so good.


@MyPizza @AwesomeNachos @Aariv @SarcasticTvHead @Legendary_myth @GalaxyCoding @Petrichor @cheeseperson @Got_This_Glow
Is everyone still participating?


Yeah I am, I’m still working on my project


Oh no! I forget it and it’s 00:13 in Turkey. I need to be fast.


Ok, I made the starting of the game.


Wait, you live in Turkey?


Yes, I live in Turkey @tankt2016 .


Oh, cool! All the people on the forum that I know of are from the UK, Sweden, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand…
Did Turkish Delight originate in Turkey?


Yes, it originate in Turkey. Im happy to see someone knows and likes my country :slight_smile: Wait, we are going off topic. We can talk it on someones GT.