The Hopscotch Fall/ Spring Festition



Okay, as summer comes to an end, a new season begins, fall!
I have decided to have a Fall Festival/ Competition! Now, I know what you may be thinking, “Another competition? Ugh…” BUT, this competition is (hopefully) unique! It has a unique set of rules!
So let’s get started on those rules!


There can be only ten teams.

Teams can consist of as many people as you want!

Teams can be only one person, too.

Teams can decide on their name by themselves.

Teams can decide which category they are doing (they can do as many categories as they want)

Teams will elect their captain who will organize the team.

The project that wins in a category will get a prize.

A project that wins in a certain category will then be judged by the judges with all of the other projects that won in their category and the top 3 projects will get special prize and the normal prize.

A team can make all top 3 projects.

All projects must be published by the 21st of December!


I need 2 more judges. Judges cannot partake in the Festition.



Team 1

CodeMasters @MyPizza @AwesomeNachos @Aariv
Categories: pixel art, trail art, game, 3D art

Team 3 @SarcasticTvHead @Legendary_myth @GalaxyCoding
Categories: 3D Art, Game, Pixel art

Han @Petrichor
Categories: Trail art

Cheese Coding @cheeseperson
Trail art, pixel art, 3D art, game, sin and cos

Team 6 @Got_This_Glow

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Team 10


Trail Art

Pixel art


Sin and Cos

A Calculator of some sort

3D Art

Project Submissions

Thank you! Don’t forget to sign up!


-The Vast Void

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Fall/ Spring Festition Project Submissions
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Photography Competition!
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By 3D art, do you mean anything 3D, or a trail art 3D?


3D Trail art or cloned 3D objects (Like MagmaPOP’s or the cars in my Speed Game).


Ok. I’ll like to compete solo in the 3D category, please.


I’ve started already, and have set up the code for the clones. I need to decide what 3D object I’ll be making.


Can I submit more than one project? I’m not sure what to 3D to make. Maybe you can keep themes in competition like I do?
(P.S. winter has ended and it is spring where I live)


You can only submit one project per category.
REMEMBER: if you do more than one category you have a higher chance of winning the grand prize!


Could I judge?

Good point!

also here’s an artificial like :heart:️ I keep running out of the real ones


Of course! Do you have Hopscotch still?


On the iPad, yes. But my brother’s on that all the time. But on this phone I’m currently typing from, I deleted it to free up some space. I can redownload it, though!


Okay, great! I’ll add you to the judges!


@Aariv @tankt2016 It would be really helpful if you guys could help spread the word. Thanks!
I made a project for the Festition:


I’ll post it on my GT!




I’ll join as a one person team!


I’ll make a team if anyone wants to join me


I will create a Solo team of myself, and it will be named Han. The category will be trail art.


@Aariv @Petrichor
You can do more than one category.


I’ll do pixel art, trail art, a game, and 3D art. If I finish those before the due date am I still allowed to do more categories?


You can do as many as you want.