The Hopscotch Dark Age


This topic is about what happened through the Hopscotch Dark Age, and any further questions for anything we notice.
If I missed anything tell me.

What is the HS Dark Age?

The Hopscotch Dark Age is the time when the leaders were demoted and 4 of them left. Resulting in a chain of leaving which crippled the forums.

What is the whole story about the age?

In September 22, 2016. Liza announced that the leaders would be demoted and cannot close topics now, or do any kind of leader stuff. The truth behind the reason that we Hopscotchers think was that @Kiwicute2013 made a "dank" account and made a PM which resulted in that issue. In the end Liza didn't tell anything about that. Because of the demotion @BuildASnowman , @Gilbert189 , @PopTart0219 , @Kiwicute2013 pretty much left. They are very inactive and is pretty much @t1_hopscotch. (@t1_hopscotch is a very inactive leader on the forum and hopscotch who was with BAS and Kiwi as mods) After this a chain of sadness and crying happened. Many people left, some that were regulars and members and were very old to hopscotch as of now. @Sweetlina your one of the many people who left I miss. As of now, September 25, 2016, the Dark Age still hangs on the forums. With people leaving so suddenly.

Questions about the Dark Age

What was phase 1 that THT spoke of according to third party sites? (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

What was the true intentions that the leaders had for leaving so soon and together like?


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Thank you all, this is a very bad time to start and is why it's called The Dark Age Of Hopscotch

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To get the people who need to see this



Apparently, having kids like us moderate and lead the forum was all a test. ;-;


What I've been hearing:

Phase 1

Kid leader moderation. This was just a test.

Phase 2

No one moderates. The current phase we're about 2 days into.

(And hopefully...)

Phase 3 (The Golden Phase/Age)

Leaders or some other people moderate.


I really hope Phase 3 exists



@PopTart0219 you should get off the forum :P


Phase 2 is not going so well right now ;-;


I agree with everything except for one thing:

"A chain of depression".

I've said this a lot—THIS IS NOT DEPRESSION.

Depression is a medical condition where your brain does not produce the correct amounts of hormones it should be. The reason why it happens a lot during adolescence is because there are so many hormones that it gets mixed up. I doubt everyone who you're referring to is having a severe shortage of chemical signals in their brain. It's a shock, a psychological shock, but it's not depression.

Depression can only be diagnosed over long-term. This happened very recently, and most people recovered from hours to just a single day.

Depression takes months to cure. It's not a joke.

Using it in this sense is, in my view, an insult to people who actually have depression and struggle with fighting it every single day.

Please change it from depressions to something like "a wave of sadness", because depression does not fit the description and it is not something to be joked around about like this.


I'm very aware of what depression actually means, but this is metaphorically way of saying it. If you want I would change it back, but I showing how serious this situation is

And yes I know the real people with depression have even worse times then this.

EDIT: Also I'm not joking with this word. I'm putting it as this, sad + serious = Metaphorically Depresseion.


I'd like to change it to "a wave of sadness". If this joke were about cancer, everybody would be jumping on it, since cancer or any other disease doesn't make a good metaphor, but since it's something rather loosely defined like depression, everyone lets it slip.

I am by no means targeting you; I hope I don't come off as yelling at you. I'm just very uptight about using diseases people suffer from as metaphors. Because although depression may occur, it's been four days. Not nearly enough time to diagnose.

Thank you for your understanding.


Same with yours. I'll change it to Wave of Sadness for the community :D

Ended up changing it to "chain of sadness"


The "having no moderators" phase is NOT going well D:


Check this:


It's just a test


I saw it already. But I just don't think it's a good idea. THT is a smol group that can't possible deal with everything. I hope this "Phase" will be over soon.


Well unless you've got any of the symptoms listed by multiple websites (Google is true in this one), say bye bye to your depression dreams


OMTL isn't working :/


Hoping for the Golden Third Stage


Yes same, this is the only hope for HS right now for me


Put the "[details=OMTL]" on a separate line like