The Hopscotch Contest Wall of Fame




This is The Hopscotch Contest Wall of Fame. You can put Hopscotch contest winners for your contests here. Make a post with your list of contests you have hosted and put down the winners. It is not my place to tell you how many winners per contest you can have, but keep in mind, the more winners you have, the less special The Hopscotch Contest Wall of Fame.


Yusamac’s Contests

Write a story! :open_book: Story coding competition. :pencil2:

This is a post containing contest winners for my contests

2017 Christmas Contest :christmas_tree:

@MR.GAM3R won with this project

Click here to see project summary and other contest winners


This is actually a really good idea! I am not hosting any contests right now, but maybe post winners of some “big” contests like the summer contest?


Yeah, or even little contests… Just post winner here.


My contest looks really big at the moment


Good. Good. Post the winner here.


Am I aloud to put the winners of the hoplympics on here?? @Yusamac205


Yes! Please do that! Anyone is allowed to post their contest winners here

(@BlastFusion add that to your prizes)


But my Comp finishes on the 24th so I’m not sure yet