The Hopscotch Competition!

The Hopsoctch Competition!

Do you make good, and popular projects? If yes, sign up for this! Earn Hopscotch Points for a big prize!


300 Hopscotch Points - 30 likes on forum and hopscotch or all of the below! (sorry I don’t have seeds left ): )
200 Hopscotch Points - 15 likes on forum and hopscotch
100 Hopscotch Points - special project
50 Hopscotch Points - get to get a gift code to one of my projects to earn big stuff

Sign up!

  • Me will join!
  • Me no join.

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You will all get 10 Hopscotch Points when you join, if you missed a project, you decrease 5 Hopscotch Points.
If you like, join now! :smiley:

(Maybe?) FAQ

Q: how to get Hopscotch points?
A: win or participate in this competition.
Q: when do we start?
A: Next week… (maybe?)
Q: how many rounds?
A: 4 rounds, Participation round, Semi-semi final round, semi final round, FINAL ROUND!


You could’ve also said “Quarter Final” instead of “Semi-Semi Final”

Also in a different competition at this moment…

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Hi I will join


I will join


Love this competition idea! I would join, but I would like to focus one comp at a time, as not to overwhelm myself. But, I wish the best of luck to this comp (it sounds amazing :star_struck:).


Cool comp ! I’ll join !

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Ah same here but sometimes I like to challenge my self :wink:


Closed due to inactivity (no apparent activity for 3 or more than 3 months). If you want to reopen this competition, just ask in this topic, and we will help you reopen it!