The Hopscotch Bug!


Hello,Hopscotchers! In this topic,we're going to report bugs on Hopscotch! Edit your problem here!(I make it to wiki)


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Hi, Hero Dino here! I've been experiencing some weird stuffs on Hopscotch.This only happens sometimes. I've been experiencing this twice. Um... How do I explain this... So I was coding my website online, then I exited the project. Then when I came back to the project, the code that I had done was gone!
The other problem happened to be offline. Why is this happening?
silently tags. @Liza


silently tags @Zachyswag
Are you experiencing a bug,Zachy?


Nope! Everything's running smoothly! But thanks!


How's Hopemon Go? I'm sure it's awesome! Chat wait till it's published!


It's coming along great! I think you guys will really like the battle mode! It's so cool!


When is it gong to be published?


That's a secret...

no, it's literally a secret, I have no idea when it will finish


How close are oh with the game?