The Hoplympics! c:



Hello! What is up the sky haha lol. I'm sorry. XD

I think I need to stop spreading this corny joke all over the place. I want to do a Hopscotch Olympics! You have teams, similar to Ella's Olympics.

I wanted to host and judge something instead of competing! Sometimes it's just.... Tense.... To compete. XD

Alright, so first I will need the judges! I want the leaders and mods in on this, since I want this to be big and official. c:


Can you guise help me judge and give prizes?

I really want you guise too help me judge and give out prizes. It would mean a lot if you can help. :D


I need a lot of competitors if I want to hold such an official one.

I want you guise to compete!

Here is how it works:

Basically, you will be assigned a team. It will not be based on what country you live in. The team captains will pick the teams. c:

You will be assigned an event by your tam caption, and you do your event. You will have a week to complete it, long enough for time to work (if you don't procrastinate), and short enough so that I won't forget about it.

My last contest, nobody did anything. Nobody entered. I really want you and your friend to enter.


Trail Art
Pixel Art


U. K.

Note: There are not all the teams in the Rio Olympics 2016. There are over 50 countries competing.

Clearly, I need 30 people to be in here for everyone to compete. The prizes might be epic. I dunno.


PRIZES: (add your own)

I know lots of you laik prizes. @BuildASnowman, can you help me please give out tittles? @Kiwicute, can you give a bronze badge to first place? @SmilingSnowflakes, can you do something for first place?

Leaders, please halp me!

I will not be accepting judges, just in case you were wondering, unless all the leaders and mods refuse.

However, I can get lol the help I can get for giving out prizes.

First Place:

  • A Follow from Crazy_cake (Smishsmash)
  • 50 Likes form Crazy_cake (Smishsmash)
  • A shoutout from Crazy_cake (Smishsmash)
  • A Follow From Enchanted
  • A Trail Art Request From Enchanted
  • A Drawing Request From Enchanted
  • Spam Likes From Enchanted
  • A Project Of Your Choice From Enchanted
  • A Follow From StarryDream
  • Likes From StarryDream
  • Art Request From StarryDream
  • A Follow from Alyssa
  • 50 Likes from Alyssa
  • A Game or Pixel Art from Alyssa (your choice)
  • A Follow from Weather
  • Art Request from VanillaBlossom
  • Follow From VanillaBlossom
  • 50 likes from VanillaBlossom
  • Follow from Hero dino
  • Spam likes from hero dino
  • Pixel art request from hero dino

Second Place:

  • Follow from Crazy_cake
  • 25 Likes from Crazy_cake
  • A Follow From Enchanted
  • Spam Likes From Enchanted
  • A Trail Art Request From Enchanted
  • A Drawing Request From Enchanted
  • Likes From StarryDream
  • Drawing Request From StarryDream
  • A Follow from Alyssa
  • 25 Likes from Alyssa
  • A Pixel Art from Alyssa
  • 5 likes from Weather
  • Follw from VanillaBlossom
  • Art request from VanillaBlossom
  • Follow fromhero dino
  • Soam likes from hero dino

Third Place

  • A follow from Crazy_cake (Smishsmash)
  • 15 likes from Crazy_cake (Smishsmash)
  • A Follow From Enchanted
  • Spam Likes From Enchanted
  • A Drawing Request from Enchanted
  • Follow From StarryDream
  • Follow from Alyssa
  • 15 likes from Alyssa
  • 2 likes from Weather
  • Spam likes from hero dino

Please join!


tag list



@AwesomeNachos (AwesomeNachos)

USA Team Topic! :D FULL!

Da Hopscotch Olympics should be called Da Hoplympics/Hopscolympics!:wink:




I get to be in a hopscotch olympics YAS!!!!

I'd really like to be the team captain for Australia!


I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can. ;-;

I'm going to be really busy this month, I need to create prizes for the other Olympic contest, I'm going to start animating and painting, I'm learning a language, and a lot of other stuff. XD

Plus I'm horrible at judging lol

Coding Contest!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Do you want to compete help give out prizes?

You know, you can do both! c:


I'll join!
I'd really like to be the captain for USA!


Okay! Thanks for entering! :D

I'll consider it.

You too, @BellaWafflez17.

@SmilingSnowflakes, it's fine! Don't worry about it! c:

Thanks for thinking of it anyways!


Thanks a lot!



Thank you so much!




K, what would you like to give out?

What team do you want to be in?


What about the small African country Djibouti?!?


Idek. Can you help give out prizes?

I just searched up Olympic countries. XD


There's no Team New Zealand?!:anguished:
Hokay I'll be in Team Aussie…
BTW I'll give out leikes and follows! Who doesn't leike them?:wink:


And @EnchantedAnimallover I'll do them art requests since I'm a artist


🇩🇯 The Djibouti flag 🇩🇯🇩🇯


There's a flag? 🇩🇯🇩🇯

Took me forever to find it. XD

So, can you help give out prizes and help me judge?


Can I join plz? Is there a form to fill our first or anything?

I am judging for @Ella_13's one, because that day I did not feel like competing. Today, however, I feel up to it! Hopefully I don't change my mind.



There's no form because why in the world do we need a form? XD

What team would you like to join? I can't make any promises you'll end up on that team tho.


I choose Team Australia, because I live in New Zealand like @StarryDream :slight_smile: