The Hopergent Runner: The Killzone



Staff of THR:
We are starting the second book!
For the second book, they'll be entering someplace called the "Killzone". GLITCHES is just running another test on them- but it's survival.
It'll be written in this order:
Okay. I'm emailing the doc to you guys.



I'm just gonna edit, not write, maybe left though


Wat about me..?


Sorry!! :grin:
You need to write an about the author :wink:
EDIT: @Rawrbear I need your email again!!


I got it, no worries :wink:
Real happy you're back (Even though it's been a while xD)


Sorry, I could never edit because I didn't have this iPad!

Is Hopscotchified published yet? If so, I'm making a Hopscotch movie for it! :smiley:


I think @GysvANDRegulus is doing final revisions... and @CreativeCoder is making the background, but idk for sure.


I've been procrastinating on the project. Ooooops XD

Corvus isn't on HF doe


Set to watching.

@CreativeCoder, we could trade off projects, and I could finish the background! :smile:


Me tooooo xD
Idk, I am able to make a huge game and not a tiny story :grin:


Me: I'm going to work on that thing I have to do

Brain: how 'bout we don't do that and rather watch YouTube

Me: k seems legit


Guys, guys, gals, gals, guys!


My requests and I.



Sorry I wasn't able to yesterday: I had a dance
I'm at my math comp now, so I'll start working on it at 5:30
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Lucky luky luky!


When are you publishing the first book to us? I need to see!
Btw I can do Google docs, but only in my school area.


Wait a sec.. Am I still an editor for this?


Yeah, I think so! @LotsaPizza forgot a ton of people in the tags list :sweat_smile:


Back from my math comp, I'll start writing at either 6:30 or 7, it got a lil late