The Hopergent Runner: Book One!



Chapter 1
I try to stop screaming. I cover my mouth, hoping it’ll stop the sound from pouring out.
It doesn’t work.
Instead, I try to think of myself. Who am I? How did I get here? Who put me here? Oh, I will kill whoever put me here—
Yeah, that isn’t going to work. What is my name? The answer comes almost instantly. Seven. I’m a girl. I’m 16 years old. But where I am… I can’t quite answer that. My bright pink hair is swept across my face, so I can't see much. I pull my beanie low, over my eyes. I don’t want to see light. Not now. Even though my screams have stopped. 

 “Hey, get up!” A sweet voice says. “Welcome to The Code,” She pulls me up, and another hand pulls my beanie up with me. I stumble back and glare at her.

“Hey!” I hiss. The girl has dark, neon blue hair. A good contrast to my pink hair, I think. Her eyes are a bright green. She wears a brown leather jacket.
“I’m Kris. That’s Jacob.” Kris points to the boy behind me. He has brown hair, blue eyes and a dark red t-shirt. He smiles at me. I manage a tight smile back. Kris laughs, and introduces me to everyone else there. “This is Maggy. Here’s Mellodii, that’s Max, and Time.” Time is a tall boy with jet-black hair. His eyes are like mine——blue, pink and greenish. He sees me, and his face flushes with color. I turn away.
“So, Kris. You called this place The Code. What’s that?” I ask her, pointing to the huge walls in front of me. She laughs again, ignoring my question.
“Yes… What’s your name?” Kris questions me. She lifts her right eyebrow. I shrug and say, “Seven.”
“Seven,” Jacob repeats. I nod. He grins at me, and for once, I grin back. Kris continues.
“So, Seven. Here, we have our cook, Maggy. We like to call her Magg-■■■■, ‘cause her food is worse than a ■■■■ in the back!” She slaps Maggy on the back. Maggy laughs lightheartedly and smiles. “We have a group of people who run into the Hopergent everyday.”
“A group?” Jacob snorts. “Only Time is allowed out there.”
“Hopergent… Maze?” I stare at Kris for an explanation. A bead of sweat trickles down her face.
Kris’s smile tightens. “It’s more than a Maze. It can’t be controlled. It’s divergent. But we can’t just call it that. We decided on Hopergent,” she declares.
“It’s dangerous to go out there,” Jacob whispers, moving towards the entrance. “Out there are… Well, we call them Datips. They hold little stingers that could kill you. The data of your ■■■■■ is stored in those stingers.” I stare at the huge doors, covered in moss and vines.
“You’re trying to escape,” I finally say.
“Lookie here! We got a genius!” exclaims Kris. I hear Time snicker. I recognize it and steal a glance at him. “He looks an awful lot like you,” says Kris, under her breath. I nod. He really does, I think. “Anyway, let’s go see what came in the box with you.” Kris leads the way, going back to the little gap in the earth. I suddenly break out in a sprint to the box, though I can hear Jacob’s whispers about me over the wind.
“Could be a runner,” Jacob.
“Yeah,” Kris.
“She’s fast,” Maggy.
“Quick,” Mellodii.
“Need to talk to ‘er,” Time says. I push them aside from my thoughts, and continue to the Box. I jump in.
I remember the ladder, pick it up, and run past everyone again. I set it up against the wall and climb. “Too short,” I grumble. I grab one of the vines above me and climb up. I start making a vine bridge, connecting vines together until they’re stable enough to support my weight. I slide down, evening out my body weight so the structure does not break. I hear Kris calling my name in frustration.
“Get down here! You have a ■■■■■ wish?”

Then I run into the Hopergent.


“Seven!” I hear Time’s voice. The Hopergent is dark. The growls of the Datips haunt me. I continue running through the giant, data-based maze. The Code is growing smaller and smaller behind me. I turn my head to see Time and Jacob. “Go away!” I hiss at them, stopping. Jacob’s eyes harden.
“You broke the golden rule, greenbean. You broke it on your first day,” he spits at me. I squint at him. 
“Ex-CUSE me? I was never told the rules——just to go and work on getting us out. I’m scouting the Hopergent. Now leave.” My voice is devilishly low. Once I see Jacob dumbstruck, I move. My legs glide along the smooth stone path. I hear a shot, then feel a pain that spreads throughout my left shoulder. I simply wince and clutch it, but I don’t stop. Behind me, Time is sprinting, a gun in his hand.
 “WHY’D YA BREAK THE RULE, GIRL! WELL?” he shouts at me. I suddenly stop, turn, and start running towards him. When I reach him, I stop, look him in the eye, and slap him. I slap him so hard my hand burns from the impact. His pale face floods with color, then I give him a hard glare and return to the Code.


“Why don’t you ever do anything to get us out?” I ask Jacob, leaning on him. The shot hit me in the shoulder and ripped out my flesh. Jacob sits up and grabs the bandages from the medic table. He sits and wraps up my shoulder.
  “I don’t know. Kris only lets Time go out there. I can’t help it… There. You should be okay now. Take it easy.” I stand, warily, and place my hand on Jacob’s arm, wobbling. “It will take time for you to adjust,” he says. His lips turn up in a grin, and I can’t help but give him a weak hug. I walk off only to meet Kris, smiling at me. “You might’ve broken the rule, greenbean, but you did good.”
I’m stunned. Shouldn’t Kris be the one freaking out? I blink. Still grinning. Another blink. Still. “Are you okay?” I ask Kris. She laughs, in a way I’m not really fond of. She firmly grabs my arm and leads me to a room.
“Maze games,” she says. I stand still. “What the heck…”
The room is large, and there’s crossbows lining the walls, knives on display, and guns hanging from racks. I feel my mouth creep up into a devilish grin. Kris laughs when she sees me with the gun in my hands. I scowl. “Don’t you dare laugh at me, or I’ll do to you what Time did to me.” I gesture to my left shoulder, blood seeping out. Kris’s face flushes with anger. “Y-you can’t do that to me,” she says. It’s now my turn to laugh. 
“Y-y-your FACE!” I explode. She’s nervously giggling. Jacob bursts into the room with Time.
“KRIS! You’re needed at——” One look at her tomato-red face and he erupts on the floor, laughing. Time snickers quietly, and soon joins us on the floor. Kris is starting to laugh too. I stand up, my shoulder throbbing, and the laughter slowly wearing off. Slowly, slowly…
“OH MY GOD! Your face, Kris!” I hoot. Kris, now, collapses onto the floor, laughter taking over her. This place may be a prison, but who said a little fun was forbidden?

Chapter 2
After our little laughter disaster, I’m able to pick myself up and continue my weapon-shopping spree. There are still a couple of nervous chuckles here and there. Jacob closes his eyes and points to a random weapon——it happens to be a BB gun. He frowns with the decision and instead, takes a crossbow from a hanger. I hold the gun to the target and shoot. 
I hit the target spot-on.
I turn to Jacob and smirk. “Well, looks like I got the last laugh today.” I bend down and pick up the bullet. “I shall treasure this forever.” Instead of breaking into complete madness, Jacob fixes his shirt, and his eyes wander to mine. He breaks into laughter, into those small laughs that can really warm a person. I grin, and Kris starts to leave. 
  “Come, we have to go. You started making a vine… bridge, right, Seven?”

I nod, signing yes. Kris nods back.
“Okay, then let's go finish it?” I ask.
Jacob shares another laugh.
“I’m assuming that was a yes,” replies Kris, smiling. I look down at my stomach. Only one thing could be taking over.
Like a tiger, clawing at you until it has finally won. Growling at you. I try to withstand it, but it grumbles. Everyone looks at me.
“I’m kinda hungry,” I whisper. Time laughs.
“Are you sure that you want to eat Magg-■■■■’s food?” he asks me. I nod.
“Can’t remember the last time I chowed down a meal,” I reply. He smiles at me and Kris leads me to the kitchen. “Actually,” I start, “I don’t remember nothin’!” The kitchen is a big place, half of it outdoors. Time scrunches up his nose, breathing through his mouth. I inhale deeply. It smells heavenly. “I don’t understand,” I say, “It smells good here.”
“She’s past the Gone!” Time shrieks. I laugh, and he laughs back. We walk up to a small table, where Maggy sits.
“I’m hungry,” I demand. “What's the best you've got?”
“Oh, you could try the chicken. It's edible,” says Time, sarcastically. I glare at him.
“Maggy? What's the best thing you've ever made?” I ask, sweetly, glaring at Time once more. Maggy smiles at me and picks up a plate. She puts a slice of chocolate cake and a leg of chicken onto the plate. I smile. “This looks pretty good, Time.” Time just stares at the plate of food.
“When did you start cooking well, Magg-■■■■?” Time questions. Maggy laughs.
“I knew Seven wasn't going to insult me, even though she's… different. So I decided to put in some love!” Maggy says. I grin at Time. He grumbles along to a table with me, a plate of his own in his hands. Before I can start questioning him, he’s practically done with his chicken.
“Man,” I hear him mutter, “This is good.”
“Told ‘cha!” I exclaim. The cake is soft, and the chocolate melts in my mouth.
“Maggy? Did you get help from Mr. Willy Wonka?” Time jokes. Maggy laughs bubbly. I get up and wash my plate, then run over to settle for the night. Time and Maggy are too engaged in conversation to notice me slip away from the kitchen. I see Mellodii, sitting on the cold, hard floor. Her eyes are a mysterious color.
“Mellodii,” I whisper. “Mellodii!” I say louder. She turns her head.
“Hey, Seven,” she mumbles. “What’s up?”
“The sky,” I say. “Where can I sleep for the night?” Mellodii points towards a dark corner.
“Only spot,” she says. I nod.


I make a pillow out of small bunches of moss, and a hammock to sleep in out of some bamboo I found in the box, then tie my hammock up with vines. After, I weave a blanket out of the soft vines and moss I found on the ground and lay it neatly on the hammock. Now for essentials; I don’t have any sort of payment to give Kris for a toothbrush, toothpaste, clothing, a towel, floss, or some deodorant. So I decide to hijack the little shack for my essentials.
The ground that leads to Kris’s shack is soft and mossy. I walk on the moss with my bare feet until I feel something crawl. I feel myself pacing along the pavement, my feet skimming the floor. Eventually, I find the small shack that Kris claimed as her own. I sneak in through the back window, and carefully crawl along the floor to scout the place. Kris isn’t home. The place smells of fudg_e. I find the little store where she sells anything she can find and grab all that I need, which I stick into a large Ziploc bag. Then I leave.
Right before I step out of the place, I hear a scream. Kris, I think. I sprint back to my corner and place the bag under my moss pillow. Afterwards, I run across the code, in hope of finding Kris. I see Time standing over Kris. Is she dead? Is she okay? Stop it, I think, She’s fine, go see for yourself. And she is.
Except for the huge gash in her thigh.
She’s wailing. Time is crouched over her, trying to pick out a little stinger embedded in there. I stand, frozen in shock, not sure what to do. Then I move.

Chapter 3

The gash is a sickly yellow, looking infected.
"Datip sting…why?" Time mumbles under his breath. I can tell from the grief in his voice that something is horribly wrong.
"Nnnugh…" Kris moans as she tries to move to her side.
"KRIS! What were you doing in the Hopergent?! I would understand if it was a newbie like Seven, but you've been here for two years!"
Two years? In the Code? Must've been tough.
Kris seems to finally come back to her senses, because the cloud of confusion that covered her eyes seems to evaporate, but it leaves something else.
"Seven, listen to me," Kris starts weakly, completely ignoring Time. "Something's happening, the Datips are acting weird. We need to find the trigger." Then, her body goes completely limp.
"Kris, KRIS!" Time shouts, obviously confused. He runs away, into the Hopergent. I’m having some serious dejá vu, I think. A voice is calling to me in the Hopergent. A wispy, dreamlike voice. It’s saying something…
"When Seven bumps Control Room…”
I break into a run. The Hopergent is about to close, I see the walls closing in.
I'm going to make it.
I'm going to make it.
I'm going to make it.
The sentence keeps playing on and on like a broken record in my mind.
5 feet apart…
4 feet apart…
3 feet apart…
I almost don't get into the maze, the crack is so small I have to sacrifice my left sneaker.
The doors shut.
"Trigger, huh?" I say aloud. I immediately regret doing that, because someone replies in an equally snarky manner.
"Yeah, glitch-face, we're all glitched now!"
I spin around to see a sweaty, annoyed face.
It’s Time.
And we’re both locked out from the Code.


The air is soft in the Code. I try to take even breaths, careful not to anger Time any more. The Hopergent makes my lungs feel as if they are inhaling poison. “You…” he shudders, pointing a wary finger at me. “You are the reason why… the ONLY REASON WHY Kris is HURT!” he screams at me. I stare at him——into his eyes, and eventually look away. I grab my arm and pinch my tattoo. His gaze moves to my arm. “Where did you get that?” He asks.
“I used to be a Codeless. I was special——only seven fears, earning me the name Seven. I betrayed many, so each raven on my chest represents each person I… left. It was cold, there. The one on my arm represents my tendency to wander.”
“Wha… how do you remember?” Time asks me. I close my eyes.
“Time, do you expect me to know everything? I must have a good memory, ‘cause when I came here, it was blurry…”
“You’re a Hopscotcher,” he snarls at me. “You’re a HOPSCOTCHER!” He says, louder now. I push my hand back, into my belt. My fingers clasp around the gun. 
“Time,” I say softly. “Time, please calm down.” 
Time’s eyes flood with something that looks like fear.
No, not fear.
He starts to walk towards me. “Stop, Time,” I say, “You’re acting like a…a…a glitch.” He doesn’t stop. When he reaches me, he pushes me against the wall. My head bounces, and shudders with pain. He grips my arm.
“We’re glitched,” he says, “We’re glitched, we’re glitched, we’re glitched!”
I try to comfort him again, by tapping his shoulder or ruffling his hair.
Nothing is working.
“Time, let’s think this——”
“Do you understand that no one has ever survived a night out in the Hopergent? Do you?”
“Well, maybe we will——”

“What’s so special about us that makes us survive?” He sobs. “Oh, when did the world get so glitched?”
“Can’t we just climb out?” I question.
“Yeah, and values are the easiest things ever,” he responds. “I’ve been here for 2 years. Yes. In 2 years, at least 50 people ran out into the Hopergent overnight and never came back. You think that none of them ever tried climbing? We are so glitched,” he sobs again, this time, placing his head in his hands for emphasis. I stare at him.
“How, exactly,” I start, “Did you get in here?”
“I came, looking for medicines for Kris,” he says. “I found some leaves and Datip cures lying around, probably from the guys who sent us here. When I was about to leave, I noticed the doors closing. Then I saw you.” I shrug, not really sure how to react. But he continues.
“I saw a note,” he says quietly, “Addressed to you. Maybe you should see it.”
He guides me through the Hopergent to where the note is. I reach into my belt for my knife, and grab a match along with it. The note reads:
You’re a special one. Built different. Wired different. When we tried to clear you, you didn’t let us. Your brain didn‘t let us. You’re Hopergent, and you’re lucky we never killed you. But you probably know something about this-all of this. It keeps you alive. There are 3 other Hopergents in the complex. They are not like you. But find them. Befriend them. And lead the coders.
And remember, darling,
GLITCHES is good.
~Veronica Barnes, leader of GLITCHES
(Author’s Note: Glitches stands for Gaining Life Immortality by Taking Courageous Humans’ Eccentric Souls [Nice job Regulus/Corvus!])
“Is that written in blood?!” I shriek. Time stares at me, clearly disappointed.
“What do you know?” He pushes. I stop and think.
“It’s all a game,” I blurt out. He stares at me again, his mouth curling up.
“What… did you say?” He asks, snarkily.
“It’s all a game,” I blurt again, slamming my hand to my head. Time snickers.
“If it’s all a game…” He pushes me again.
“The world is virtual——the danger is real. Not really, though. Like, we can die, but we won’t really die in real life, unless we take the Virt out of our brains.” I’m getting annoyed of how easily Time is getting me to talk.
“So, what is this Virt?” he asks, leaning against the wall with the note in his hand.
I just stand in shock, staring.
He lifts himself up, eyebrows raised. “What’s up, Seven? You okay?”
“DATIP!” I screech. Time flicks around, face-to-face with a fleshy Datip. He steps back and grabs my forearm.
“Run on three,” he whispers through clenched teeth. “One, two…” A pause.
I take off, dragging him along.

Chapter 4

The wind hits my face. I let go of Time’s arm and stare up at the sky. It looks beautiful, until I hear a Datip gurgle.
We start to move again, getting closer and closer to the Code. I can still hear Kris crying, even over the squeals and screeches of Datips.
Time looks at me. His eyes are red and…bushy, and bloodshot. He’s been crying. I give him a hug, squeeze him tight until he taps my back.
“Time? It’s all right. It’s okay,” I say. He smiles at me, and then sets down some moss against the door.
“Don’t light a fire or do anything stupid,” he remarks. I laugh and press my head against the doors, leading back to home. Time looks like he has fallen asleep——I give him a rough push.
“Okay, let me get the facts straight,” I start. “We’re stuck in the Hopergent, no one has ever survived a night out here, Datips are waiting to strike, and you’re sleeping. That’s cool.” Time groans and gets up.
“Fine,” he mutters. We run over to the edge of the Hopergent, a big cliff where the Datips come from. I look up to see my bridge.
My bridge.
When I built it, I added a ladder on the other side to get up.
“Time!” I shriek. He looks at my grinning face. “Time, Time, I've got a solution!” He stares at me. “The bridge.”
His face brightens.
“If we can climb the vines to the top to reach my bridge…” I start. Judging by the look in his eye, he knows what to do. Time sprints back to the doors and starts to climb. I join him. My fists clutch the vines and I entangle my legs in them, pushing up, up, up. Time is struggling behind me. I can hear his breaths.
“Seven… You’re not… Afraid?” Time gasps.
“Are you afraid of heights, Time?” I snort.
“YES! Seven, I am! Heights terrify me!” He shouts it, and I feel happy. He didn’t deny it.
“Mom was scared of heights too,” I remark.
“Flashback?” Time questions.
“Yeah, probably,” I pause for a moment. How did I remember that? Well, Time pulled out a lot from me…
“So, about the Virt,” Time pushes. I groan and start to speak.
“It’s this chip in our brains. Each one is different, wired for each person. For example, yours probably has the fact that you’re scared of heights, so during fear stimulations, that would be an obstacle.”
“And when, exactly, would they need that info?” We’re almost at the top at this point.
“I don’t know exactly,” I reply. “I just know that GLITCHES isn’t good and that we can’t trust them. They’ll eventually use our fears against us.” I position myself so that I sit on the bridge. I peer down to see a ladder and grin.
“So we basically have to overcome our fears,” Time mumbles. He’s panting, gasping for breath.
“The Virt in your brain will take it down when you get over the fear of heights. It’ll just switch the main fear for another one, like of drowning or shooting someone you love,” I sniff. That’s one of my fears. “Anyway,” I say, changing the subject, “Do you know how to climb backwards?”
Time nods and we take off, back into the Code just as the Sun rises.


“Kris!” Time shouts. She’s still sleeping, but I can hear faint ‘no’s and ‘ouch’s. Time starts to run towards her shack, and I take my own path, to my hammock. I hear Kris squeal and then howl with pain, and I wince. All I really need, though, is sleep. I change out of my pants for some shorts, loose but comfy. I throw one of my legs onto the hammock and then the other, resting my head on the soft pillow of moss I constructed. I close my eyes, smiling because I survived. I survived the Hopergent.
The first. Ever.

When I wake in the morning, my hair is in a bun and I am in a tank top. I glance around to see Time inspecting my stuff.
“Where did you get all this?” He asks, but softly, so only I can hear.
“I hijacked Kris’s shack,” I simply reply. Time stares at me.
“No one has ever done that before,” he says. I cough. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Kris.” He smiles.
“Why are you here?” I ask, the question finally out of my mouth. But my throat still bubbles.
“Kris wants to see you,” He says, not meeting my gaze. “Says a newbie shouldn’t be out in the Hopergent.”
“Why am I in these clothes?” I burst. Time laughs.
“You were sweating, so I helped.” His cheeks are red and I chuckle. I push myself out of bed and run to Kris’s shack. 
Kris is a nice person. Her blue hair is braided today, and her eyes are paler than normal. She moves her pale green eyes to focus on me. Her face is flushed.
“Hey, Kris,” I mutter. I hold her gaze until she lowers her eyes.
“You survived a night in the Hopergent,” she whispers. Her eyes lift, full of craze. 
“HOW’D YOU DO IT?” She screams, clutching my shoulders. She’s crazy. She’s gone crazy. Her hands move from my shoulders to her neck. She clasps her neck. I step back. “How’d you do it?” She says, moving towards me. I do the only thing I can do.
I try to stop her.
My fingers move to her hands and I try to pry her fingers away from her neck. 
“KRIS! Kris, Kris, Kris! What…is…happening!?” I shout, I pull, I screech. At this point, foam is forming at her mouth. There’s one option left. Think, think, think…
“TIME!” I shout. He immediately bursts through the door. 
“What are you doing?” He hisses, obviously to Kris. She struggles to speak. “Kris! Listen to me! Stop. Stop. Stop!” I glance at him, biting my lip. This isn’t going well. Not one bit. 
“She’s different!” Screams Kris, pointing a shaky finger at me. “She’s different and she’s going to kill us all!” Time shakes his head, then glares at me. I shrug, trying to look casual.
“Kris,” Time says softly. “Kris.”
“Hey, Time,” says Kris, laughing. She looks as if nothing has happened. I wish I look like that, at the moment. Time stares at her, jaw dropped. His eyes are big and bloodshot. I glance at my knuckles. They are worn and bruised, and stained with a bit of Kris’s blood. Her nose was bloody. Yet, here she is, smiling as if she was on a rainbow three seconds ago. Time throws his hands up in frustration.
“I’m done here,” he mumbles, and marches away. Kris turns to me and shrugs. 
I have no choice but to shrug back.

My eyes hurt from seeing Kris in that state. What had caused it? What triggered the explosion? I try to think back, back to the words she told us.
She’s different!
She’s different and she’s going to kill us all!
I try to wrap my mind around the words. They were painful to me. Did she struggle to say them? She was hesitating a lot. Eventually, I push it all away as I head for dinner.
The soft marsh that I step on comforts me. This is where the Kind stay. Some Kind girls laugh and sing and exchange bracelets. It looks like a good life. I look back to where I stay——the Brave. Rocks jut up everywhere, and thorny vines cling to the walls. The floor is dangerously woven with branches, hollow earth underneath. But am I brave, really? Yes, I assure myself. Yes, I am.
The marsh disappears and I jog on stone. The Smart. Or really, the Sissies. Smart boys snicker as I walk by, commenting on my “lack of internal complications”. I glance at the Smart girls, eyes glued to thick books. I groan. Sissies indeed.
I finally reach the Mess Hall, where Maggy sits, grinning.
“Hey, you look glitched,” she says. I grin.
“What? With this face?” I motion a hand towards my face, which is flushed red and bruised. She laughs and I turn towards the food.
“I’ll have cake. Chocolate lava cake. And a turkey leg.” I rub my stomach as Maggy asks Jeanie to hand her some turkey. Jeanie smiles at me and hands Maggy a leg. “Oh, I’m starving,” I mutter under my breath.
“Order up!” Maggy hands me the plate, and I extend my grin larger.
“Thanks, Magg-■■■■,” I joke. She rolls her eyes as I laugh. I walk towards the table with Time and Kris.
“Hey, Ti——”
“GO AWAY!” Time shouts, and I feel like a hurt puppy. Kris is giving Time one of those who-do-you-think-you-are-bossing-around-my-best-friend? looks. She motions for me to sit next to her.
“I’m sorry about Time. I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” Kris says sadly, glancing at Time. He’s glaring at me, I think. Oh, he’s glaring at me.
“I hope he comes ‘round,” I say instead.

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Kris: Okay. We need plan. Seven? Who is that?
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I was wondering if I could help in book 2?
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Chapter 5

Time is not happy with me.
It’s as if there's an electric fence that circles around him at a 50-feet radius, and I always seem to be in it.
Kris and I are taking a stroll around the Code. As usual, Time is glaring at me from the Mess Hall. We exchange confused and angry looks.
Kris waves her hand in my face——
"Hello? You lagging or something?" She comments. I snap out of my imaginary staring contest with Time.
"Oh, sorry…I just——" My reply is cut short from the sound of an agonizing scream. It’s coming from Maggy.
Kris is limping behind me as I run towards her. When we finally get to her, she’s in a pathetic state. Her arms drag up and down the ground, as if she's making a snow angel.
"WHEN TIME EQUALS ZERO," She proclaims viciously. My mind races back to the message, "When Seven bumps Control Room” from when Kris and Time were in the Hopergent with me.
"WHAT THE GLITCH, SEVEN!?" I spin around and see Time standing behind me with beady eyes.
"Time, Seven didn't do anything! Magg-■■■■ needs a med, RIGHT NOW!" Kris is frantically trying to keep Mag from clawing at her own throat.
"Seven, get me a knife."
"Are you crazy!?"
I run back to the Mess Hall and spot a slender butterknife, thoughts racing in my head.
What is Kris going to do?
What did Maggy mean by ‘When Time equals 0’?
I toss Kris her knife and she catches it with one hand gracefully. She tries prying Maggy's hands away from her throat with the blunt side of the knife. When she finally lets go of her throat, Maggy lays limp on the ground.
I'm shocked. "Is…is she——"
"Not yet," Kris replies, although I hear the strain in her voice.
"IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, NEWBIE! YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER GLITCH!" I don't even have to look behind me to know it’s Time. Anger rushes towards my face, reddening it up. I've had enough. As Kris puts Maggy over her back to get her to a medic, I spin around and face Time.
"Is this funny to you? You think everything that happens around here is MY fault!?" I hiss. He is silently seething with fury. He finally replies back.
"I wasn't born yesterday. You know too much about this place, your past. Everything that happens here has to be because of you." I'm totally over the edge now.
"Well, you know what I think?"
I take my leg backwards and give it all I’ve got on his shin.
"ARGH!" Time is sprawled on the ground. I should feel sorry for the guy, but I don't.
I have too much to think about tonight to even worry about him.


At 6:00, Kris comes to see me.
“Hey,” she says, sitting on my hammock.
“Hey,” I reply flatly. “How’s Maggy?”
“She’ll live,” Kris puts her head in her hands. “I don’t know what happened, though…”
“Datip sting?” I question.
“No way,” Kris shakes her head. “Datip stings would cause extreme pain. She wouldn’t have fallen limp.”
“Oh,” is all I can manage. Kris gives me a light punch.
“Hey. None of it is your fault——”
“Yes, it is,” I cut in, miserably.
“——and Time’s just gone…cray-cray.” I scoff.
“Cray-cray?” Kris just shrugs.
“Just trying to expand my vocabulary. Anyway, Time’s just crazy. He knows nothing, let me tell you. I heard when he was shouting at you for Maggy’s attack. But he doesn’t realize that you can’t blame anyone for it. He’s just a ■■■■ bag of rocks. Don’t take it too harsh on yourself.” She looks back and forth. “I’ve got to tell you something.”
She leans in, close, so that only I can hear her, and we share a breath. “I’m like you. Remember when I screamed that you’re different? Well, you glitch,” she elbows me, “I was able to fight the sting. Able to tell a lie. Blatant lie. So we’re safe…for now. But please be careful. I don’t want you hurt, Seven.”
“Time,” I hiss, glaring at him. My eyes move to his shin. Some sort of…paper? No, gauze. I should feel shame——instead I feel happiness, I feel joy at what I’ve done.
“Seven,” Time starts, breathless. “Seven, we need you…”
“And who is we?” Kris spits venomously.
“The Smart,” Time spits back. I roll my eyes and push myself out of my comfy hammock.
“Meet me later,” I tell Kris. “I need to talk to ya.” Kris nods and I bow as I run away.
Time and I run in silence for a full minute, our feet slapping the ground. Only then do I decide to speak up.
“Why do you hate me?”
“Everything started going wrong when you showed up,” Time says.
“Well, you can’t blame that on me!” I shout, stopping.
“She’s right, Time. You can’t blame that on her. You’ve been spending too much time with the Brave,” a girl says.
“Hey! The Brave aren’t that dense,” I sneer. “Anyways,” I turn to Time. “Why did you bring me here?”
“Talk to Magg-Sta_b,” he says, not meeting my glare.
“Is she okay?” A girl says, pushing through. She has brown hair cropped short and blue eyes.
“Idiot_s,” Time mutters. “Of course not! Go join the Kind, glitch.”
“Name?” I ask, smiling tightly at the girl.
“Ace,” she says. I groan as Ace walks away, gliding her way across the smooth floors. Time leads me to a corner. Maggy sits there, crouching.
“Seven?” She asks, leaning towards me.
“How did you get your name?” Time asks me sternly.
“Fear stims,” I say, matter-of-factly. Time raises his eyebrows.
“I’m scared of (note: my real fears!) being kidnapped, killing someone I love, watching my loved ones die, being helpless, being coddled, failing, and tight spaces. Hence the name,” I reply. He thinks for a moment.
“I know,” Maggy says.
“What?” Time snaps.
“The way out of this prison. I know,” she says.
“Oh my god. How?” I ask, curious.
“The Bugg,” Maggy tells us. “We have to jump into the Bugg.”
“Where’s that?” I question.
“Datips come out from there…” Time mumbles. “Okay.” He straightens. “Let’s tell the others. And go.”

The Hopergent doors creak open the next morning. Just a reminder that we might die.
“Hey,” a soft voice says. Kris. “You never saw me yesterday. Why?”
“Important stuff,” I reply. “You don't need to know anymore.”
“Seven!” I turn to see Jacob. His eyes are wide and his hair is messy. “Long time, no see, huh?”
“Yeah,” I say, slapping his back. We all laugh. One of our last, I suppose…
“Okay,” Time shouts. “Are we ready?”
That is followed by a chorus of whoops and cheers. Time smiles.
“Then let’s go!”
We sprint off. For the moment, I can only hear the clang, brrrrup of Datips. After a couple of minutes, we reach the Bugg. It’s a deep hole, like a chasm. No——it is a chasm.
I press against the wall and breathe the mossy air. Everyone follows suit, pressing their backs against the wall and breathing hesitantly.
“There a Datip?” Kris whispers. I nod slowly.
“On the count of three,” Jacob says. “One… Two… Three!”
I take off, and I feel everyone else behind me. Kris grabs my hand.
“We’ll jump!” She screams. I hear my friends, coughing up… Things and howling in pain. I wince.
“Let’s go!” I shout back. We hold each other tightly, scared of losing each other.
“Yes,” I whisper.
And we jump.
The last things I hear are my friends’ last cries and Kris’s grunts.
And then the splat of us on the ground, followed by more, and more, and more.
We were there.
But it wasn’t over just yet… It was too easy. I take steps forward, towards a large TV screen. Cautiously, I press my finger to a large, green button, making sure that my friends are behind me.
The screen jumps to life.
And on it are the people who put us there.
Veronica Barnes.
And Mellodii.
End of Book 1


Still the epilogue to add on this.


To take a screenshot use Command + Shift + 4 on a mac and drag about where you want to screenshot :wink:.