The History of SmileyAlyssa



Yes, @SmileyAlyssa, I succeeded in scrolling all the way to the bottom of your profile in 30 minutes.

We will start from her first projects.

Her First Projects

This is her first project.

Who would have known she had started with a ton of levels and almost no coded projects?

She requested stuff at first?! The start of a famous Hopscotcher's life can be filled with surprises you never thought possible.

She remixed projects at first. Hmm, it looks like it was to try to get likes…

Coding, Less Remixing, & Drawings

Here comes the simple coding! The coding is starting to get more advanced in this period…

Here is her famous holiday card! And the "OMG I got on Featured!" project.

There's the period of surveys, up ahead!

Here comes the ice bucket trend and the drawings!

SmileyPad & The Coding Partner Contest

Then the load of messages comes in when the coding partner challenge starts!

Here's her all-new SmileyPad! Except there's not many special features yet…

Then the new SmileyPad invert feature, the Star Wars draw, the Keep Calm challenge, and Lava Run!

Keep Calm & Modern Coding

Here is the Keep Calm trend and a few requests!

Here comes the St. Patrick's Day games!

It's too bad she left on Spring Break…But as shown in this photo, she's back!

And now she's back, playing her role of one of our favorite Hopscotchers again!

I will update this.

Moral Of The History
It takes a long time to become a great Hopscotcher. And it sure is surprising how they start out, isn't it?

Why are they more special?

I'm just a regular guy, but I started with 100 likes on my first project! (First day) XD


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:bravo! Could you do this with magmaPOP


Well, I will try! But thanks! MagmaPOP—I don't know how many projects he has, and I just deleted about 30 screenshots, so it will be hard. :joy:


I did one with @Valgo! :D But it's a bit old.


This is awsome! Don't do meh pls ;-; :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll do you @PandaBlossom


If you want drawings were horrible at the start :tired_face:...they still are :pensive::relieved::laughing:


Wow that is so cool! I'm too lazy to go to the bottom of my projects unless i'm deleting stuff.


Your drawings are amazing! Don't doubt yourself about them. Honestly your way better than me. I think if you keep at it you will be even better! Remember, your art is AMAZING don't let others tell you its not. Just keep at it and soon you will be drawing stuff like the Mona Lisa!


Nuu...not Mona Lisa...I did that when I was small...she was a MONSTER! But seriously, if I could go back in time, even a few week back,mi would be correcting and criticising myself...those fat...ARRGGGH!


Ok don't worry if ya don't wanna!


It would be cool if you did it with me.But no one really knows me​:sob:


This is cool :smile:

Thanks you, @tankt2016!


Done with the topic!


Wow! I think this is really inspiring for newer coders or not as known coders, somewhat me! It shows it takes a lot to get to where @SmileyAlyssa and others are! Your awesome @SmileyAlyssa!


I am only doing really good coders, semi-famous Hopscotchers, and famous Hopscotchers. So if you work hard, you may get one!


@tankt2016, can you do me? :D

Great idea! :D


I'll do you as soon as I have gathered the patience to waste 30 minutes of scrolling through your profile!

(Which is tomorrow.)


@tankt2016 am I

any of these?

If so when you get the chance can you do me?