The History of Mass Tagging


The history of Mass tagging

A long time ago, an user named Follow4LikesOfficial (now more known as Anonymous) created a Mass tag list. It was just a big random bunch of tags that people started using to get attention. This list, however, was critizised by many people that didn't want to be tagged, and soon all Mass tag lists were banned.

After a while a new list, the BAS approved mass tag list, was created by Rawrbear and it was, as the name suggests, approved by BuildASnowman. It was used for a long time, and is also known as the Friendly Mass Tag List, or FMTL.
The FMTL, often misspelled as FTML, was a controlled list where everyone added and removed themselves.

However, after a while Rawrbear quit the forum. One or two more rules were added before the FMTL got unlisted (this means it's almost deleted) and a new mass tag list was created, the Official Mass Tag List (OMTL) by PopTart0219, and this is the one currently in use.


The first mass tag lists got banned quickly, but then an approved list was created. After a while, this list got replaced by another, the one that is currently in use.

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Great timeline of mass tagging!




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