The History of Code Loss on Hopscotch


I would mention this on my GT, but those topics are no longer allowed, so here I am to discuss it.

Throughout history, much of the great features of the Hopscotch editor have been removed for reasons unknown. For example, there is no more “move with trail” block, and the “show preview” feature has gone. (I know it’s not compatible with the new editor, but for some reason that is unknown, it was removed back when Hopscotch still had the old editor.) On another side note, ever since the launch of the new editor layout, it has been very hard to drag math inputs into bubbles in other blocks, as well as copying the HSB parameters of Hopscotch colors.

If anyone knows anything else in the editor that was removed (and you don’t know why), please contribute to this topic. We hope that THT will hear about this in an instant, and our questions will be answered.

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How has Hopscotch changed?

Move with trail?
Is that like trail art?

First post yeas


It could be used with trail art before.

It was an old block that required the use of “set trail color” and “set trail width” before it in a when for it to work. The only parameter in there was a number, and it would move the object forward (or backward if it was a negative number) while leaving a trail.

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All blocks that were removed had reasons to be removed. HS had generally created a more efficient block that did the same thing, so saw fit to remove the older block.


I see that. I think maybe the “move with trail” block got removed because not only was it useless before trail color and width had been defined, but you had to use so many other code blocks to make a circle without leaving trails of two different colors, so THT probably thought “leave a trail” was more efficient and removed “move with trail”.

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Everything that is an object offsets in the editor


What does that have to do with what I’ve been discussing here?


That used to not happen


Objects are code


It’s a bug that occurs every so often, but is eventually fixed by THT.


I see why, but I was thinking more about the code inside objects.



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Anyone can do that. You don’t need to post that link everywhere. You just time it correctly.

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What was the show preview feature like anyway?
Like, what’d it look like?

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What is the show preview feature?


Explain this!


It was a thing in like 2014-2015 where you could select a certain object and preview its code

(This is abt the preview feature)


It’s called JSON editing. I would do it, but I don’t have a computer. (︶︿︶)