The history of Bluedogmc! Also taking history requests!


I was inspired by @tankt2016 to do this!

At first

At first, I made some basic games, using the video tutorials. I published glitchy, pointless projects.

Then, I started making a lot of dif. Spiral draws.

getting better

Soon, I started publishing better, but not great, projects. I made games that were hard for me then, but would be easy now. I also started using sounds more, and I made a "make your own band". That is still one of my fav. Projects to this day.


Now, I'm running a coding club. I'm coding actual projects, getting tons of likes from known hopscotchers, remixes, and some follows. I know I've improved. I'm very proud of my games now, and my improvement!

Thanks so much for all of the support I get everyday! Let me know how I can improve even more!

Feedback questions!

Help me by replying with answers!

Do you consider me famous?
Am I helpful?
Am I mean?
Answer honestly, I won't be offended!


I'm taking history requests!

If you want me to make you one, tell me your username and any other things you want me to know. I will try to do all requests, but if I get a lot, I might not be able too! All credit goes to @tankt2016 for first doing these history things!


You are super nice and amazing!


(I do that a lot these days!)


Actually, I purposely screenshoted your likes! Your a awesome hopscotcher, and I put the pic Of your likes in the "woah moments" topic!


Yo, why is there I pic o me in der? I'm I supposed to be known or something? Pah. Anyway! I live to see how you progressed! Great job! :D


Can someone do me? My username is Smiling Sunshine.


@PandaBlossom, same thing I said to lazylizard!


Sure I will! Give me a minute!


Really? O.o that's news to me! Thanks! :D


Yes my account is pointless and full of remixes. :(


Hi! Has I was scrolling through all your projects, my iPad keeps crashing! If you could give me a screenshot of your first projects, then I could do the rest! It will probably be finished by tomorrow!


This was my current account and first account.


Thanks! Your history will be done soon!

Hopscotchers history!