The "hide" glitch!



To @Ian, @Liza and @asha
Hi! I never like pointing out things too people when I know it's not a compliment but I just wanted to let you know I have found a glitch.

If you look in the top left hand corners of both photos you will see the writing 'hide' which is usually found when a video is hidden from view the button changes text.
I believe that I had just logged out of my account and logged back in. I then went into a project (a complicated one which I mentioned in a previous topic on glitches) and I then noticed the text object in the corner. I don't think that the text object was there before I logged out but I can't be sure. Sorry about that! I hope I didn't waist your time! Thank you! :cat::yum:


Thanks @ILoveSmudgey! Definitely a bug. We'll look into this and let you know if we have any questions.


I've seen it too @Ian!


@ILoveSmudgey @Ian that happens to me occasionally! Whenever that happens, I'm like: