The HH Beta Program!



Hi! I’m here to get some beta testers for my latest projects!

What is a Beta Tester?
A beta tester is someone who gets access to all my latest projects! They get the access early and give feedback and other stuff on my projects!

Why Be A Beta Tester?
A beta tester can not only help me with my projects but help you! You see techniques and code phrases and use them in YOUR projects! It’s like an exchange!

How do I Become A Beta Tester?
Tell me below and I shall add you! I will have a limit of 8 people beta testing for me so be quick!

What if I don’t want to be one anymore?
Quit any time! No contract! No fee! The next one on the waiting list shall become one!

Can I lose my access to your early projects?
If you are not giving specific, kind or helpful feedback you shall lose your permission to be a beta tester! Similarly to the last question the next person in the waiting list shall be one!

@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya can any of you make the group?


@HopedHoper I have been a little busy


Cool, can I be a beta tester? :D


I will be a beta tester for you : D


Me!! Il be a beta tester


The POMTL is kinda beta testers


No not really…try notifying @ CodeHelp


Can I be a beta tester? I would really like to test your new and cool projects!