Who wants to be in The Helping Crew? You can be! Just tell me your Hopscotch talents and I will sort you Hopscotchers into groups! Tell me all what you know how to code in Hopscotch! Tell me! Tell me!!!! I will make groups in details in this post! :joy: We will help other Hopscotchers!

Struck Group


Sense Group


Banana Group



Wait so... The helping crew helps. Right?


Yes, of course! :joy:
I am so happy right now!


What do they help with?


Hi! Can I join? My hopscotch talents are values and movements blocks. They're very fun to do. In almost every project I do I use values!


Can I join??? I guess I'm really good with Looks & Sounds blocks ( lol almost everybody is... ) and I guess I'm pretty okay with movement blocks.


@EnchantedAnimallover and @KawaiiAnimeLuver you are both sorted!


Okay thank you!!!!!!!!!


Can I join? I'm good with values, sine&cosine, maths, and movement!


You have been sorted!


What is Struck? And what is Sense?


Struck is mostly math and values. Sense is looks and sounds.


What's struck group and sense group supposed to mean?


@EnchantedAnimallover, it is


Oops! Sorry! I didn't see that.


It is okay! I understand!


Okay after some thinking... I would like to request to join. I'm good with values and sine and cosine. Backgrounds are my very best specialty.


I added you to a new group.


Okay nice topic


Thanks, do you want to join? Just tell me your strengths!