The help with code topic problem (report/talk here)

@anon53261942 here well the help with category topic apparently got deleted. This is causing an enormous confusion in the forum. Some people lost a lot of badgs like me.

I e-mailed Liza about this. I thi k people have many concerns about this?
can you explain to us all why you deleted it please?


[quote=“Petrichor, post:1, topic:35013, full:true”]
First, this topic was not my idea. But @PopTart0219 left and people are using outdated OMTLs. I believe I got an updated version.

Do not overuse - Use it once per subject, and only use it in general topics for new projects.

Use it in the post you want people to see - Nobody likes scrolling. Well, some people do.

Only use it for things you can contribute to - Something something don’t tag for smol potatoes.

Put it in a details folder - Put an empty line before the details folder.

Keep the count going - Increase the count when you add yourself, decrease it when you remove yourself.

Don’t tamper with the list - It’s annoying when someone messes it up.

Keep the list in alphabetical order - This is a semi new tradition, making it easier to remove yourself.

I missed a lot of guidelines, I think, so please put in any you can remember.

Quote this, select all and cut.
Open a text editor and paste. Remove [/quote] and everything above the list. Select all, cut and paste on your topic.

Alternatively, quote this, select all and remove [/quote] and everything above the list. Select all, cut and paste on your topic.

If you are using a computer, you can quote and select just the list (click on one end of the list, and shift+click the other end), cut and paste on your topic.

[details=OMTL]Get the latest list here: OMTL, Official Mass Tag List. TOPIC 2. Currently at 120 Tags.




I guess they deleted it because it wasn’t relevant anymore since there are more specific categories now.


true but don’t you think they should have like told everyone before it??


Yeah… maybe they could bring them back? Idk


Yeah that would be like great most of our fabulous work is there like you amazing art !!


Thanks, and yeah, I lost a lot of my best work:/:/:/:/.


I lost my great topic badge one of the badges that I was really proud of


It’s depreciated, though, right?
You can move them back into correct categories… idk
Oh! I deleted your badges! That’s a bug

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wait what u deleted the badges that doesn’t make sense

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I lost all of my good post badges:/

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Oh, I must be confused. Sorry

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it’s okay I was like wait what Johny is in THT !!!

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archived ~ deleted
(inaccessible, only the leaders can see them i think)

anyway, as @ishallnotbenamed said, there is no longer a need for the Help With Code category. they told people to move their topics out before they were archived.


No, I’m not. That’d be awesome though!

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They did tell everyone, it was announced in a topic.


But we physically couldn’t after the first day.


srsly I didn’t notice !!!


We were given a week, a warning, and regulars can edit topics. People whose topics are too old to edit could either (1) put it on global edit to allow for replacing or (2) be forced to make a new one.


Thanks for letting us know. We didn’t delete the category, but you can now only see the old posts in it. (I tried to change this earlier in the week and accidentally made it hidden). Sorry for the confusion!

As @IShallNotBeNamed said, we now have more specific categories for discussion moving forward.


:blush: Ok thank you so much for fixing this it’s a real help !!!