The "Help" Category in Hopscotch



Before you reply to this, I'm NOT talking about the "help" category on the forum!

This is becoming a problem in Hopscotch

I've noticed in the "help" category in Hopscotch that there are a lot of non-help things. I've also noticed a HUGE CHATROOM in Hopscotch that is pretty much destroying the "help" section. In the help section, there are contests, and all kinds of non-help things. I used to be able to look through there and see who needed help and help them, now I can't find anybody to help because of all of these useless "help" projects. I'm sure there are people that really need help, but it's just filled with these projects!
I love helping coders in need, but there are just so many useless things in the "Help" category.


Remember the old days when there was #random?
Maybe we can try to get it back! After that left the "help" section was filled up!


Yes, all the channels are clogged up with non-related projects. If people just published in right channel, everything would be easy to find.


Yes! Even without the random section, there's an option not to put it in a category. People shouldn't put it in any category if it doesn't fit it! Also, since there are a lot of contests nowadays, what do you think about a Contest topic?


Yeah! A contest topic would really help!


There are a lot of tags that really would help. The only tag that ever shows up is help. Or at least, for me.


We are talking about hopscotch, the app, not the forum.


Are you talking about the forum or Hopscotch?


I though this was about the forum. I'm talking about the topic of this topic.


Oh. On the forum, #help is the category. On actual hopscotch, the help category is being spammed.


I got it now. That makes sense.


I earned you "nice post"! Yes that is a good idea!


I've seen this every time I go into channels at any given point in time- non related projects are in there.

If we all publish in the right channel, with maybe an "other" channel, things would be a lot easier.

Let's try that! Try to publish projects in the right channel!


Its terrible that people just block out the actual people who need help with projects. The help category is filled with chatrooms and rps. sigh We need to change this!