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This is the official topic for the HealeyMerch line of merchandise. We sell everything from couches to special collecter editions of Undertale™.

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I noticed that every product is either furniture or apparel.
so here is this this quality lotion.
is it made from a mixture of lavender oil, lard, palm oil, and tallow.


Our collecter addition of Undertale™ isn’t


that’s great.
could I see what your quality Undertale™ products look like?


Can I order some merch? Do you ship globally?


Sadly we currently only ship to Atlantis and Arizona.



Then I’ll have to use Viabox, if that even works.


Fabulous designs. absolutely Show stopping


@PBnJ @Mr.rex @lovelydeer @Petrichor 's dream job.

Healey merch



HealeyMerch: founded by @NindroidGames and @PBnJ


I really wanted a pair of Healey converse but I noticed u guys haven’t made any yet, when will they be available???