The Haters Topic


If you have a hate account, or want to continue discussion, please continue here!


Can't like so here :heart::heart: 1 hour is so intense


Thanks, I knew tht I thought there shoukd be one at the closing time, and shoukd I invite the people?


Sure, but we don't want to get flagged again :confused:


Well, I'm glad the hater took down the account! Yay🤗!
I never had a hate account (lucky me) but my friend @DragonLover975 did, and when we tried to stop them they just fired back. They eventually got banned but then hacked our collab.


I'm glad I don't have one


I don't have one, and no one has bullied by by my HOPSCOTCH short name: TOOTS, a minor drawback, but no matter :joy_cat:


I saw a10 said that she saw the hate account directed at me, and said that the account was in her activity, but I checked the accounts favorites and its nit their 🤔


So you ARE the order of the stone! Right? (Or left)


Right, you want a request?


Sure! :3 I'd love to see an acrostic poem. Thanks!


I think hopscotch should really update the username filters, because these days people are constantly making hate accounts and bad word accounts.


And a report username button


YAAS..... Doesn't help that there is a new bad emoji


Guys, we know the account is a REALLY fast coder, because according to Poptart0219, the account joined 10 minutes prior to that project!


The orange scent hate one did, I have no idea about the LotsaPizza one


You HAVE to see this!

So now we know it WASNT anybody
(Sorry for suspecting you, CyanCat, if you're reading this)


I'm glad that this person repented for their mistakes, but that means my hater is probably a different person since it's still up and they changed the name


She deleted all of her previous projects as well


It's good that they admitted their mistakes, even though it's not right