The Hate Account


Ok... Before you go around emailing THT and everything wait. Me and a couple of other people use the account "SabotageWarning." I'm the guy that posts 98% of the games, thou. So anyway, today my friends scrolled through @SmileyAlyssa's account and saw the project #LIKEAGIRL movie. They thought it was rude and described it as "A Project of Narcissism" because it implied the fact that boys can't run well. So then, they went off and changed the name. When I log on to Hopscotch after an MC marathon, I notice the name. I didn't know they would go to the extent where they would change the name to something as rude as "SmileyAlyssa :blush: Hater." So I changed it to "SmileyAlyssa :blush: is Rude" to get the point across in a way that isn't rude.



Please change it back to SabatogeWarning! SmileyAlyssa isn't rude (or at least isn't trying to).


I agree with @MobCraft!
Were all just kids. Kids are always talking about how the other gender is better, its basic kid stuff! Shes just explaining her opinions and that boys AREN'T ALWAYS the best :wink:


I agree with @MobCraft and @Paydent12, you should change the name back to SabotageWarning. SmileyAlyssa isn't rude at all and would never try to be on purpose.


Ok,ok I changed it. If you don't believe me check rising


Ok, thank you for the explanation. Now, I wasn't saying boys are slow, I was talking about a conversation I had earlier that day. Also, THT changed your name, so you might want to change it back! :wink:


Thanks, it was just a big misinterpretation and misunderstanding.


Ok. But that name caused some damage, so next time be a little careful!


Thanks @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @Paydent12 and @MobCraft :blush:


Don't worry, I will

(unfortunately, I'm born as a person that doesn't really care for other's feelings)


Thank you!


At least try to, otherwise you can't :wink:


Believe me, when someone angers me, they are :dizzy_face:


No need to get mad :slightly_smiling:


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Lol good idea. But first, draw a face on it and imagine its the person you dislike


Poor ducks. First they get skinned for their feathers (or down) to make a pillow, which leaves them freezing cold, then using their priceless feathers (or down) and the pillow as a punching bag? No Messieurs, je suis très humain. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


XD Our teacher told us to do that as HW one time. Also, if you do get mad, I suggest this website


Every time the circle gets bigger I feel like I've just eaten fast food for thirty days straight and I'm super fat.


Thats an interesting view on it xD