The Guinea Pig Topic!


This topic is for all who love our furry friends (and the hairless skinny pigs) the guinea pigs.
Here's all my guineas eating their breakfast of spinach!


Should I show individual photos of them all with their names?


Yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is Starlight, our resident blimp.
She's a crested, her favorite food is lettuce, and she loves to nap and cuddle, especially with her baby 'sister'. She is 3 years old.


This is Genevieve, an Abyssinian. She's 4 years old, and her favorite food is hay. She loves exploring and redecorating the cage by bumping their hidey houses around with her nose.


So cute!!!


This is Pepper LaPue, so named because she looks like a skunk. She is a Coronet, a rare breed of piggy. She used to enjoy sitting on top of pigloos. Her favorite food is cantaloupe, she's the only pig we have with a sweet tooth. She is 1 year old, and makes annoying noises at the water bottle.


This is Charlotte, an American. She's only a baby, we got her in November. Her favorite toy is the tubes, and her favorite food is undetermined. She frequently popcorns around the cage, and runs away as soon as we enter the room. She likes cuddling with big 'sis' Starlight.


Aw, she's so adorable!!!!


She's finally getting more used to the hand, and sometimes shell steel some food from us when its offered to her


That's so sweet!!
(I wish I had a Guinea pig)


Starlight trying to eat the curtain on their cuddle house


Since you don't, I guess I'll have to give you your daily exposure to guinea pig cuteness via the forum.




Like this pic of a fat guinea pig sleeping.


Oh, my goodness!!!
She is so cute!


Genevieve is getting some beauty sleep to


They are all so cute :smiley:


They're cute, but you're getting the cuteness without the smell.


Oh, XD
(I've smelled one before)