The Guide To Gossip



How do I identify gossiping?

Gossiping is making fun of someone right behind their back. It is usually made up of lies or exaggeration.

What can gossiping do?

It can ruin the person-you're-gossiping-about's reputation.
It could cause them to leave the forum, or stay away from school.
It can also cause you to lose friends (especially if you're gossiping about them, plus, who wants to be friends with someone who gossips?) and can ruin your reputation, too.

What should I do if I'm being gossiped about?

Some ways to deal with it are:
If you are gossiped about in school: Tell an adult, parent, teacher, principal, etc.
Make sure you tell them who gossiped about you.
If you are gossiped about on the Hopscotch Forum or Hopscotch: Email the Hopscotch Team.
If you are gossiped about in general: Deal with it, ignore it, take it as a compliment (if you can see it as one).
Remember, telling an adult or parent is easier said than done.

What should I do if someone is being gossiped about?

Never, ever join in to gossip. Alert the leaders and before doing that, make sure it is gossip. If it is gossip, the leaders will close.

How does it feel to be gossiped about?

It can be offensive, and set your mode to RAGE MODE.
And this is my version of raging out. Is it even raging at all?
But if you take it as a compliment, then it may be less offensive.


Someone already did soo




I think I know what "inspired" this…

Sorry @tankt2016… :slight_frown:
Never meant to or tried to "gossip"…I guess the boy just wanted advice or help or something…


@tankt2016 you guys REALLY need to talk this stuff out face to face its for your own good. The fourm can't help you, you need to help yourselves


You know telling an adult is harder done than said


I do know. So another way is to deal with it by ignoring.


@tankt2016 why don't you just forget about what happened? It's not a big deal to be brutally honest