The guide to becoming a good forumer!



This is the topic where you can know everything about the forum! It will be helpful for new users. I know there are already topics about this, but this is the ultimate guide. Below are the basics for your first day.

On your first day

You probably don't know this, but you get limited replies on your first day, so use them wisely! You may ask "Why do you get limited replies on your first day?!". That's because @discourse is making sure you aren't a hacker/bad person. You may also see a bio like this:

That's @GoatLord's profile pic. You do that by going to preferences and scroll down a bit so you see this:

Tap on the top one, and you can edit it! You usually get warm welcomes here, so the community is great!

Now, here is what NOT to do on the forum. Whatever you do, don't do these things! You may get suspended, which is terrible.

What NOT to do on the forum

  • Don't create random topic(s) that aren't about Hopscotch or the forum. You will get flagged for this, and then you will have to wait longer to get regular. And, as you may know, it clogs up the forum, which is bad. The forum only has so much room!
  • When creating a topic don't search before you post, or SYBP. This is wrong. You should always search before you post when creating a topic! Then, if there is already a topic about it, people will tell you "Please search before you post, there is already a topic about this :wink:." which I'm sure will get you angry and start flame wars.
  • Don't start flame wars. Spread positivity! When someone says something you don't support or agree with, tell them "I don't really sopport that thing", not "I HATE THAT THING! YOU SHOULD BE SUSPENDED!" That will start a flame war. You don't want to experience one.
  • Don't threaten anyone. Don't say something like "If you don't follow me, I will kill you!", that will also get you suspended and start a flame war.

When becoming regular, put it as your title! Look below to see how you do that.

I had to cut some off because it showed our email.

Another thing is: Make your posts easy to read! This is very important as if people can't read your posts it may get flagged. Can you read something like:
Hewwo me likz youre project?
Or is this easier to read:
Hello, I like your projects?
Which one? Answer in the poll below!

  • The first one
  • The second one


Links to helpful topics are at the bottom.
I will create a series of "how to become good ______" or "the guide to becoming a good ______"! So, get ready!

Oh, one more thing.
The friendly mass tag list. You should look that up! But, only use it for topics that aren't the following.

  • Goodbye topics.
  • You should only use the tag list once in a topic. Then it loses its friendliness.
  • Be sure to use the updated tag list.
    Don't use it every time you create a topic.

And some forum tricks!

Here is how to get blue text!

Type a "<", then an "a" then a ">"! To finish, type the same thing, except type an / in between the "<" and "a"

Here is how to get a link!
Go onto hopscotch, then tap the button next to the heart, and it will come up with a math problem. If you get it correct, wait a couple seconds, and tap the copy button. Then, go onto the forum and paste it! Remember not to copy anything inbetween! Here is a link:

Those are a few basic tricks. :wink:
Also check out the Community Guidelines!
Hope you liked it!

Welcome New Users!

Great guide! This is really helpful for newcomers! I can't wait to see you're next guide!


There are a few typos, but this is great! Faboulous job!


Great guide! This will really help new users! :smile:


Please point them out, and I will fix them! And thanks!


Great guide! This will be helpful to new users, and others that maybe never got a welcome, or got a chance to read the community guidelines. :smile:


:hearts: Le XD!

Really helpful! I remember the Limited reply problem XD






It's the boy's grammar which he doesn't seem to care about.


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In one of the first sentences, "You probably don't know this, but you get limited replies on you first day", the third "you" should be "your".
In the first paragraph, "beacuase" should be "because".
In the rule, "Don't create random topic," topic should be plural, or edited to say "Don't create a random topic."
These are all of them I found. Hope it helped!


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I knew that, but the boy decided to be hasty with his grammar.


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