The GT topic to end them all



So, I just was thinking…
Everybody is talking about them clogging up the forum and stuff like that. I looked at the general topic tag. 249 tags. And some general topics don’t have this tag! (Including mine.)
Why can’t we have a mass GT, where everyone talks? It would be easier to make new friends, and you would just go on and see a few people there, instead of you tagging people. Is this a good idea?

  • Yes, amazing idea! We should try it out!
  • Yes, it’s okay, but needs to be cleaned up.
  • No, it’s fine the way it is.
  • This is a terrible idea!!!

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This is kind of like Talk to a Hopscotcher, except not about code. And another thing. People might say, "I use my GT for project updates!"
That is very good. Instead of making new topics, you have a topic specifically about that. These types of general topics do not clog up the forum.
I’m sorry about this rant, I just had to get it out. You have the right to flame me.


Pardon me, but this is a terrible idea. All announcements would be buried beneath other posts, it would close incredibly fast, and would generally be a disorganized hodgepodge. There would be arguments over who gets to make it, and nobody would be able to share important things and discuss it with friends because people would be talking on top of it.

Everyone is talking about the lack of coding topics, but getting rid of general topics won’t mean there’ll be more coding topics- just less topics in general (ahahaha)

I like the system we have already. Honestly, I don’t understand the mentality that General topics are clogging up the forum. General topics aren’t going away anytime soon, and it’s best to just embrace them.


I get what you are saying.
I am embracing it, but from wishing every night that Hopscotch was in 2014, I just wish there was more coding. I’m getting sucked into it. I am trying, senpai, I really am. This is just my honest opinion.


I understand wishing there was more coding. But getting rid of general topics is not the way of going about bringing coding back.


I understand :slight_smile:
Ahh I’m so childish and


No, you are not. You had an idea, and I’m just telling you why I think it’s a bad one. You aren’t stupid. You can definitely be seen as objectively right. We just have different views and different solutions on/to a recurring problem.


I agree that this may not be the best idea, but I have different reasoning.

On this forum, it’s really hard to be noticed. There’s the group of populars that everyone knows and wants to be, and then there’s people who have their friends, and there’s people who don’t really get noticed at all.

I will admit, last year I was in the group of populars. I talked with all of them, and they accepted me as a friend. It was really nice. But now, I really only talk to a couple new users, and my old friends who are still active.

A general topic is all yours, where you can forget about trying to be other people, and just have an entire topic to yourself. It’s so nice.

The drawing topic, where everyone posts their art, is like a competition. Can you get your art noticed, maybe even get a reply?

But a general topic doesn’t have that competition. It’s what you want it to be, it’s yours.

Having a single general topic would make the entire concept just like the drawing topic, a competition. It wouldn’t have the calming feeling of it being yours, and it being whatever you want it to be.

I don’t mean to be rude at all. In fact, it was a nice thought. You have very good ideas, and you’re not dumb.




I see how it can help, but no thanks

I’ve already had enough people judge me on my general topic…



More fame for me


Talk to a Hopscotcher is not just for code btw

For anything really

If it says that in the rules then I nullify that


In a off topic note, the drawing topic is basically a giant factory for nice reply badges hahaha


Bad idea. Here are my reasons:

  1. Closed very fast. All the versions will clog up the forum as well as all these general topics
  2. Flame wars. Some forumers hate each other and if people take sides based on friendship groups then its going to be a big flame war


Just imagine, One day, @Liza joined and deleted all the GT’s


Ya, I mean there are a lot of GT’s, but think realistically: no one is going to stop making GT’s just because of one topic. The forum is loooonnng gone from being a strictly code only place. I joined the forum because I wanted to get to know other hops. GT’s are a way to do that.