The Green Banana contest!



Ok great! I'll add later, I'm going to run a mile and my iPads gonna die.


@thebestest, you won first! @Themasterofairjitzu, you came in second. Third will be... @Fishyguitars!


@KawaiiRose @BB-Box, @Jess888, @DMF @hermione, please give out your prizes.


@TheBestest, do you want the forum spam liking? And please put your game and trail art requests below.

Yes i want spam likes on the forum!
Can you make this for my trail art?

And ill do the game request later
Also sorry i did this so late!


Ok, @Themasterofairjitzu what is your trail art request? Please put below.

A pig


@Fishyguitars, what is your easy trail art request? Please put it below.

I don't remember anything about a contest, but okay then...


Should be simple enough? .-.


I know, I picked a random person for third since two people did the contest. You were chosen.




@thebestest what trail art request?