The Great Legend Tale Is Coming Out!



Hey guise! It's Scarce here!
jk, its not actually scarce
I have been working on a RPG game for more than a year now. It has been really hard working on it. Yes I know, a year. I have not been publishing much just because of that. But the game is going to come out in the next 1 or 2 weeks! I still have some bugs that I need to work out. So the date might be pushed back. The date that I want it back is around November 11th. If it is pushed back I will announce the date once I can figure it out with myself. Also I am going release a beta and a alpha. The alpha will be out by this Saturday. The Beta will be out next Wednesday. So set your reminders to wait for it! It is going to be soo awesome! I hope you guys like the game.

- Phase Admin


Woah, cool! I'm not advanced enough to make a huge project like that. Two questions: how do you get it, and what's it about?

(I love RPGs)

By the way.... why did you spam like me? xD


What do you mean by "How do you get it"? It is about something that will reveal later this week.


Oh, ok! I meant how do you play the game, it's on Hopscotch?


Yes of course it is on Hopscotch. I could make it on Scratch.


Yeah, sorry >_< I don't know why I asked. I'll look at your account! It sounds cool :sunglasses:

(emojis.... why?...)


My account name is Black Panther(T'Challa)


Oh, thanks! I was about to ask.



Absolut faszinierend!


Thanks me squa.


who the heck is scarce?


A youtube that is.... strange.


I literally just started working on an rpg. Maybe we can give each other tips!