The Great Depression 😥😢😭


Many good Hopscotchers are planning to leave/are leaving. This is really sad. some of you may support my theory that this is for April's Fools Day. Although, if this isnt true, there is still a chance. A chance for the some other unknown Hopscotchers to fill in their places. You could be the new @Rawrbear! Or maybe you could be the new @Phase_Admin! We can step up and be greater than we ever were. Mural of the story is that as this may be sad, it may offer new chances!


There has been a topic just like this!


And the topic was by you! So please do not spam the forum with this!:wink:


Well, I was planning to quit the forum.


Lol that topic was about my theory. This topic is about how we can step up.


NO now you? Let's take it down a notch don't leave!!!!!!!! Have a apple!:apple:


Please don't! Your a great Hopscotcher and I dont care what anyone else thinks!


It's really sad, I hope it's for April Fools but I highly doubt it. I was considering quitting for a while...but I'm not. I can't do that to you guys.


I said I WAS going to leave, and then I decided to not leave.


Ok, phew! Hahaha that got me worried!


I guess everyone has there doughts sometimes, but most of us work through them. Sometimes there just to much, weather your loved or hated.


@Rawrbear decided to stay!


Rawrbear decided to stay. And the Great Depression was in like 1939. This is the Great Hopscotch Depression.


I already said @Rawrbear decided to stay.


Lol I know and I know again