The Grand Tapper Collab



OK everyone we are moving over here so you are going to switch here so we do not have to add another one with more names

Work_kids_coding, AHappyCoder and Gabe_N Collab

Ok r u sure that we're not moving to another post AGIAN?


This will be the last time


Ok @Gabe_N, have you done anything with the scrolling?


If it will become spammed with all of our messages, we should move again.


@Phase_Studios,@Electronixguy and @Gabe_N are any of you guys online? So we can work on The Grand Tapper!


Now Im Online But Wheres My IPad :confused:


@Phase_Studios You Still On?


I haven't done anything with scrolling because my battery died so NOW I can start


Im On EDT Time Right Now 9:39


Me too so that's very good!
And same with @Phase_Studios


I Gtg Soon But Ill Be Back In A Couple Hours :confused:


Ok no problem @Electronixguy

Now where are we in the tapper game?


Sorry but I have to drop out cuz I think I'd be better off doing something myself but I'll stick around a bit


(canceled post) Twenty characters


Anyone Online because I am


IF you get ten likes on a project you will earn a badge so the more likes you get the closer you will get


Does anyone want to work on the grand tapper


@Gabe_N are you on? @AHappyCoder are you on


Yes! @Work_kids_coding