The GN Clan! YAY!



Hey, so this is based on the Clans made by @Rawrbear, and @UptownStudios. If you want to know what GN stands for, it stands for Geeky Nerds (no offense to anyone).
Here are the requirements...

Must be over 10 years old.
Must have been on trending/rising/featured.
Must have at least 300 plays on a project.
Must make 50% of your projects

Some rates don't apply

Some people I want to join
@Mathgirl (accepted)

Here are the ranks...

Welp, I'll see who wants to join.


I meet all of these requirements! (unless making more than 50% of my projects doesn't count as making 50% of them. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I want to join because you want me to join. I'm also interested in what it's like to be in one of these "clans".

Does that count as a paragraph? I don't know, but I'll join if you want me to! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay, you are one of my fav hopscotchers, so you are in.
You want to be an admin?


If you want me to be one, sure!

I don't really know whether or not I want to be an admin.


Well, you are now one @Mathgirl


Okay, thanks! :slight_smile:


I said Some Rates Don't Apply


@CrystalPanda, I'll let you join!


Sounds fun! I meet all the requirements. :grinning:


Ok! I'll slip you in there!


I'm an admin! squeels and dances around room


Anyone else!?!?!?!? :wink:


Anyone? (:wink:) don't get mad I used the wonky face


I can join! I can also be an admin, too, if you want.


Here's a like! :heart:


Do you need to reach all the requirements to be a admin?


Yes you do. @StRiKe_Charler123


Can I be an admin ?as I let you in my collab?
And I meet all requirements!


Sorry for late stuff but...
As the first official challenge has begun...
Team 1:
Team 2:
Each team will make a game together is 1 week!
I will make a poll to see who wins!


Get started!