The Global Hopscotch Story



What is this?

This is a story that are hopscotch related. But, instead of doing a collab or writing it myself, this is on global edit. That means, everyone with trust level Member or above can write, but there is a few rules:

  • Read previous chapters, and continue in a way that is related to the other chapters.

  • Don't start a new chapter without finishing the previous one.

  • Keep the story hopscotch related.

  • Just edit the chapters, nothing else.

It is okay to leave notices at the end of the text, like "Not done", but make sure that you remove the notices before finishing the chapter.

Chapter 1

Status: NOT DONE
I want to be in the story as a character
Please don't remove this
I also want to be in it!-ThePickle
This is a cool idea. -FluffyMarshmellow
We begin on a dark night barely anyone is on. The rovers have awoken. -Kayro
I scroll through featured, till the very bottom of the tab, and notice a very strange project. Its name is 892. -ExquisiteSoup
The project is made by "System". I recognize the name directly. System. The bot on the forum. But how did he or sheget to the app? The questions start popping up in my head.


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No, i think it's a Discourse update because it still works but only if you put a paragraph above it :stuck_out_tongue:


stuff hi there im a paragrah.s lol
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Can you be a character in it?


Global edit is now on @Snoopy

@BB-Box Yes, maybe you could add a note at the beginning of the chapter?


Like what?


Note from @BB-Box: I would like to be in the story as a character: (description)
Please don't remove this!

Or just write it yourself...




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It's sad that this never started.


Me too. I would really like to bump this up.


I started it!
Oh wait r we not doing it?


This is for everyone that edit this, and you can do it whenever you want.