The Games - Full


The Games - A Contest

There will be four players.
You make a game that I choose, I will rate it on:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Psychology of showing the player new techniques. This is a maybe.

Sign up:
Username on Hopscotch:
Normal Coding Subject:

*There will be no prize other than making a good game and the satisfaction of winning.

1: @Fun_in_the_Sun
2: @SmilingSnowflakes
3: @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
4: @DancingLollipop

The games 2!(inspried by @AHappyCoder)



Joining becuz why not :T

KawaiiPixie :sunny:
Trail art



I'll join! :D

Sounds fun, and why not. :D

Username on hopscotch: SmilingSnowflakes! :D
Same as here! :D

Normal coding subject: Art with leave a trail! :D


Why not :P

Dancing Lollipop
Trail art


Music (random tunes)
Can I join now?


Dang posted at the same time XD


Sorry :frowning: @DancingLollipop posted first.


I posted mine 1 millisecond before you :smirk:


Silver_girl is my furom and AwsoemBlossom​:grinning: Is my hopscotch.


Aww man cause she defeated me XD i'll root for her.


It's full sorry :(


The Games:

You have 4 days to make each game.

Do you want me to start now @Fun_in_the_Sun @SmilingSnowflakes @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @DancingLollipop


I'm gonna make the games 2 so you can join there


holds sign

Root for me, if you want potatoes! :sweet_potato:


Could we start tomorrow? I have to go to bed soon ;(


Yeah, let's start! (Avengers de-assemble! XD)


No, my ipads dying XD

Wait, can you do it tomorrow :D


I could start now, but other members of this competition need to start tommorrow... So I think it would be better to start tomorrow! :D


The Games

Group A
Group B:

Tomorrow Pacific Standard Time, it starts!
The Theme is anything space related. It must be a video game though.