The Game Winning Contest ( will start when we get at least 10 Hopscotchers)



I am hosting a game winning contest for Hopscotch. If anyone wants to join, just reply to this post saying your Hopscotch username, how good you are at coding or drawing or both, and how popular you are. You will win a game of your choice. If you are good at drawing or mostly take drawing requests, I will give you a custom drawing pad if you agree or if you don't already have one.

Here are a list of Hopscotchers I want to be in it:

@Anonymous -----
Here are some Hopscotchers that are in it:

I think @Gilbert189.

Put some Hopscotchers you want to be in it below! Can you edit this post? If you can't, tell me how to let other Hopscotchers edit this post.


What is this?!


Sure! I'm Dancing Lollipop, I would say I'm at a medium level, and snoopy said I'm a rising hopscotcher!


It's a contest where only a few people will win projects of their choice! And @DancingLollipop, you are in!


Hmm I don't know!


And @Huggingfluffybear, can I just have 10 more minutes for the contest? I got distracted.


I guess!


I'm Deadfr:hibiscus: I'm like medium- lowish level and I'm quit popular?


Okay, your in, except like half the community knows you I think. I've never heard of you. Okay, maybe I have.


Can I join? Meh hopscotch username is Ihasfluffycupcakes


My hopscotch name is hansonnoah. I almost exclusively code, with just a couple drawings. I think I'm pretty good at coding at this point, and I'm also moderately popular


I'm Blue Fangio! I'm AWESOME at making FNAF fangames, and BAKA (absurd) at drawing. I'm kind of popular, people mostly know me for FNAF fangames.


I can join! I'm ok at coding and art, I'm not really popular and I think you know who I am


@SapFire, you're in, you were supposed to put your coding level but I know the level. @hansonnoah, you're definitely in. @BlueOrangeFangio, you're in if FNAF games aren't like killing people. I will check your profile. @RubyWolf1, you're definitely in.


You're definitely in.


It's basicly just "fainting because of dog poop smell"


Please delete that post right now, it's inappropriate!


No it's not. Why is that? Hopscotch posted an entire blog post saying Poop is okay.


I think it is.


Hopscotch thinks that scenario is FUNNY, and they're RESPONSIBLE for this forum.