The freezers and fridges club!


I'll join! Let us be freezers!!


Are you going to get tez subscription? I may try it out if I can get a PayPal or whatnot


I will be...

The nacho in the freezer. :D


puts myself into refridgerator







I am a fridge too people



Are you getting the subscription/planning on getting it? I'm just wondering.


Idk! I'm extremely unlikely to since my parents probably won't pay…


Same for moi
I might not be allowed to get PayPal


Oh well. Let us be freezers and fridges…


I have an idea: A free month trial!


I have to join this!!!


I wanna join! I don't want to pay for new options...


I'm just curious... If I don't pay, can I still update Hopscotch?


I don't think I'm gonna update, even if I had the money. It's not like I play hopscotch that much anyway!
I'm reading over the posts where everyone's like "my parents make me pay for it myself" and I'm like "my parents don't give me money. They just pay for it for me"
Yeah. Don't judge


Yes. The subscription is optional and you get more features if you get it, but you don't need to get it.


Can I be a freezer :00000


can i be an air conditioner?


I'm not getting it.
I'm definently not.


I'm not getting it, even if I had the money