The Forumers in one picture



A little activity inspired by @Someone45356. Draw a “team picture” of who you think are the iconic or memorable Forum users. Have fun!

This is the drawing created by @Someone45356



Woah! So Cute.


Hey @Someone45356 am I in it?

Is this me


I should do this… I’ll probably procrastinate though :P


This is amazing!


Kawaii desu (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)


What do you guys think is that my OC plasmo

Oh wait it’s not I’m not in there :(


Nice topic @StarryDream.
I’m actually starting one.

Tag me if you want to be in it.
So far:


I’d like to be in it freind @photographer123


Totally! Lol I was probably going to put u in anyways


sure I’ll be in it


ME! PLease! I’d love to be in your pic! =)


Cool. Idk what do you want to look like fren?


Totally! What do you want to look like?


Remember to add me mate

Just draw me as Naoto(my avatar)


Totally. That’ll be fun to draw. :DDD


the pfp you dreew for me =))) I cant post pictures, it says 937 forbidden…


K! That’s probably what I was going to do! ;)))


Thanks! You know me too well =D


@photographer can I be in?