The forum: my second home contest


We all know that many people on the forum have their second home here, in fact I do! Is this you're second home?

  • Yus
  • No


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So I decided that I will judge a coding contest of who can show their love for the forum the most in coding.

Leaders: @Intellection74, @Gilbert189, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, or any other leaders do you want to help me with the judging and prizes?

Creatively thinking will be noticed and count for more points out of 100. The rubric is in the next post. (Mine)

Projects are due October 31st.

Since I have to go I will edit this later for more information.



I think I might enter this!


Coola, that would be awesome!


Wat is it?

Jacob Sartrious?


Why @PopTart0219? Aren't u leader after all



I didn't mean to click on anything but the poll looked weird so I had to see

And then I couldn't un-click


I was sort of like "am I seeing this right?!"


Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

No I don't really consider it a second family, but I don't …not… consider it a second family


? So it's like it's like home but not family? Will you help with the contest.(lilt his is like the first time I've ever talked to u)


Can I help judge? I prefer judging than making a project.


Ok just one question: will you judge fairly?




May I judge too? I will judge fairly.


Good. Your a judge!

Wait one more question: what kind of projects do you think are amazing?


What kind of projects do we have to code
Otherwise I may judge


Any project that has a clean interface, is neat, is mindblowing, and is fun to play or look at!


Those that are very stylistic (aka professional-looking)
Those that function without much lag
Those that have interesting concepts that can go far


Any kind of project is fine!
Ask @Murphy1 if you want to judge.


Projects that show your love for the forum in coding