The forum is dead and we know it


The forum is dead. And even if you don’t want to believe it, compared to early-mid 2016 the forum pales in comparison. Back in 2016 there was a ton of collabs, coding groups, and coding activity in general. There was also a huge amount of fun forum games with active community members. Now the forum has a few old active community members with maybe some new active forumers once in a while.

What happened where the forums was actually full of coding information, tutorials, and coding activity in general. I barely see a coded project presented in the forums now, and all I see is general topics and chat topics about whatever. What happened to the love for Hopscotch and what happened to the community.

Honestly the forum was just left to die by THT.

THT list of wrongs:
-Removing Forum Leaders
-Making the subscription so expensive and also locking animation through a paywall.
-Making the ugly and badly designed new layout (For the app)
-Doesn’t even do much with Hopscotch anymore, especially with the forums.

Can we just thank THT for screwing up everything about the forum and the app too in many ways. I actually am mad at THT for this and I will probably just finish up my last project I’ve been working on.



Yeah, everyone knew that.

But it isn’t all THT’s fault


Well I haven’t almost any promotion of the forums in the app. Plus less strict rules about staying on he topic of coding.


So? They have other things to do!


To do what? Pander the schools for more money and kill of their community in the forums? Is that what you do?


Yeah I came back and it’s really quiet


um yes this is all true

its terrible


These two here aren’t THT’s fault. They isn’t make the forum. They are using software called Discourse to customize the way the forum looks. I have no other opinions on what else you said because I don’t have HS anymore. If you have any complaints I recommend emailing THT if you have a problem.


can y’all chill this isn’t a horror movie


It’s not THT fault they are busy too and they have to fix bugs which is more important than fixing the design. Honestly if you don’t like the forum layout you should probably just talk to discourse.:grinning:


ok edgelord calm down

you arent the first to make a topic like this, you wont be the last. you arent bringing anyfin new to our attention. and using such melodramatic terms really doesnt help us believe u


1: there’s many topics about this
2: changing the format was tht’s descision. I don’t like it either but there’s nothing we can do about it now because there’s no way they’re going to change it back, face it
3. just wondering are you acting like this bc of the mobile website for the forum being terrible

before you say I’m a new user and don’t know anything, I’m been programming on HS since 2015


Aggghhh I hat.e when people say things are “dead”
Whatever i still enjoy the forum

Tho I do agreee with some of the points you’ve made but that doesn’t make the forum dea.d

Also bye


Why not just say it on the forum instead of emailing? (a lot of people say that and I never understood it)


It’s not all THTs fault. THT made the subscriptions because they need money, for themselves and for HS to keep going. I admit, the forum has been less active than it was a few years ago, but that just means we need to find more HS things to post! Instead of millions general topics, full of chats going on 24/7, maybe we could post projects on those general topics instead. I really like my general topic, but I think we need to post more HS related things.


I guess the forum doesn’t seem as hopscotch related, and I don’t see many people who code on here? I’m sure some of you code, but the majority are awesome and amazing artists!
But the format is fine, kind of
It’s not bad
And tHT needed money. Besides, the subscription isn’t tooooooooo amazing. They still have the cool stuff for free


I’ve never finished Skyrim, but my best friend has lol if that counts
I’ve played it for over 4000 hours according to Steam tho
And I’ve became master of the thieves guild, , ,


I do agree with you on how the forum was different in 2016, but you can’t blame this all on the Hopscotch Team. They work very hard on the app for us. Also, the forum shouldn’t need to be a huge priority for them. The forum is most definitely not the center of Hopscotch, in fact most of the users on the app aren’t on the forum, and half of the users here on the forum hardly go on the app anymore.

Put yourself if their shoes. They are a small team, that started an app (I believe with the help of investors, which is why the needed another way to make money after they started the app). Their main focus was not to worry about some kids on a forum, it was to get kids into coding. Working at Hopscotch is a job, where they talk to school districts, have meetings, and obviously try to improve the app as well. We need to realize that they aren’t just going to be thinking about the Hopscotch forum all the time or everyday.

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh- I just want to explain things that even I didn’t realize until a year ago.


Same beo. Theives guild are the best. I went ahead to do some of the side missions and basically OP. Hus vada! If im correct, Skyrim will take a year or so to finish it , according to some people. There is one mission where u can choose to become a vampire, if im correct. There advantages and disadvantages of becoming vampire. Have u completed that quest?


Nah but again my best friend completed that one and I watched. It took him a little over 8 months to finish the entire game

Using cheats and mods (I’m on pc) I played as a vampire without completing that quest and it suc.ked. I would recommend going with the companions and becoming a werewolf instead. As a vampire you can’t go outside in daytime, cities will attack you on sight even if you aren’t transformed, and you will have a craving for blood all the time. And your power isn’t even that high during the first week as a vampire