The forum is back to normal! I'M THROWING A PARTY! 🎉


Whew! It took a couple months, but the forum is back to normal! Out of the dark times! This will be my party topic! Post your happiness here about how the forum is AWESOME again!!



OUAT's Fading Away Topic

I want to say something inspiring as if we forumers just won a war or something but I have no mini-speech ideas.




This calls for a PARTY!


I have cameos! Here's a happy one!


Where do you get all these pics of computer head? Is it a character in something?



Woop woop wooop wooop! Let's keep it this way, too!


Yes, lets keep it like this.


( Even though I entered only like halfway through those times :confused: )


Aren't unofficial parties not allowed?




I had a giveaway be someone and I have 25 different pictures of them. They're all in my Drive.


Oh i see you dont tell him you have to be a staff to throw a party but you tell me?! Very rude guys. I want to quit now.


Finaly someone agrees with me!


They aren't? That's sad. Can a mod take down this topic so I don't get in trouble?


You mean,@Zachyswag,to flag it or lock it?


I'll tag some THT members to close the topic. @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya, can one of you close this topic? @Zachyswag doesn't want to get in trouble for this.



I don't know if they aren't allowed but I'll close it for now and let Liza respond on Monday.