The forum is a plant. This isn't click bait


Ever since I got back, the forum. Its a mess.
The forum, is crumbling apart before my eyes.
Its scary, this place is my refuge. I can come here and forget my real life. This forum is a living breathing plant. We have to take care of it.

I nearly died, because this place lost its specialness, and for other unneeded to be told reasons.

This forum is more than a coding forum, it's a place where people have their support system. For me, it is @candyflossclouds @pandablossom @candycane and a lot more, but these people have impacted my life in an incredible way.

Which is why in the first post, I will be making a mini club for people to sign up. All you have to do is help nurture this forum back to health. Will explain a bit more.

-Sammi Lynn (they/them pronouns)


First post. Accepting 5 members, this is on global edit.

1- @HappyPerson
2- @NeoPixel
3- @braybraylovesmonkeys
4- @MiNi
5- @FearlessPhoenix

I'm the leader so I don't need to sign up.


I joined because you my friend and this forum is a plant. It's a flower and we're not watering it with friendship or fertilizing with compassion. I wanna cry.

ugly cries into Halsey's shoulder


what did you die for


I don't think she wants to talk about it, but I'll let her explain.

BTW, remember me?


im not really looking for trouble I just wanna know

I do remember u