The Forum Debate Topic!



There are still ideas. They are just harder to come up with now. I once did a challenge where we had to do something original. I made a sock trail art. If that hadn’t been done, there are still plenty of other things. People say stuff about how featured went downhill after MagmaPOP left, but really, if only the finest of fine were featured, I would have left a long time ago.


THT hasn’t posted a challenge since March which is weird…I don’t know… as soon as THT stops being active like that I guess maybe they don’t see the original projects?


You know there’s like 3 other topics like this
But I’m not a buzzkill


The other topics are for specific topics…like leaders or something…this can be used for any debate…a universal debate topic…


Ok bye


But t1 is on, and she follows several of us. Like how becoming a leader on the forum is now compared to whenever they had kid leaders. It was something to try to get then, now it’s barely possible. Same with featured, just opposite. Used to, it was really hard to get featured, but now, we can at least try and we might get a chance. Gtg to bed.


Yeah t1 likes a lot of my projects but for what ever reason she really isn’t on the forum…there are a bajillion groups people are requesting as well as custom forum names as well…


Does t1 actually like get to choose features and stuff? I think she controls the Starter Projects section because the first few projects in it were either by her or remixes by her…


Yay! KayKat you finally noticed the debate topic! @UnderagedCoder1 wanted to debate with you but I think he left…


Oh, I see your using the claim/warrant outline I taught you. Good job! Just so you know though, the full outine to a good argument is CDWI, although a lot of times people simple it down to just CWI.
Claim-what you are saying is true or false. Your stance, basically.
Data-self explanatory. If you can, data is always good to back up your claim.
Warrants-your reasoning and evidence as to why your claim is true. Data is often seen as a subpoint of this.
Impacts- how your argument matters in the status quo. Why is it important?


Does UnderagedCoder do debate irl?


Do you guys (or gals…) Know each othe IRL?


No, or at least I don’t think so.


In debating stating another persons opinion and then stating reasons why it might be true but then proving it otherwise is also a good strategy!
Example: Pineapple might look like it would taste good on pizza but when you actually taste it it just tastes awful!


Yeah, the CDWI thing is just for an outline for the most effective contentions. Obviously rebutting and countering your opponents beliefs is important as well. Sometimes rebuttals can get confusing on the judge’s flow, so it’s good to start your speech with a roadmap, and always tag line your points. Typically I start with my offcase, which takes up about half my speech, and then go into my contentions. Of course, if I’m affirmative or if it’s a policy round, framework (definition, criterion, weighing mechanism) and plans (mandate, timeline, agent of action, agent of enforcement, funding) should be mentioned first. The first speech on the affirmative is nice because you don’t have any points to counter, and you get to set the framework, but the negative has a lighter burden and gets the last say in the round, so I typically prefer the opposition, although it does depend on the topic.
Do you do debate irl? Becuase if you don’t that might have been kinda confusing…


I don’t debate in real life and I feel so bad at everything and life now…you sound like s professional!


I GTG don’t ask why…okay fine I am going to bed…


There is another topic like this.


That’s an estimate, right?

Like, who would be dedicated enough to calculate the actual average?

Not me.


Can we “argue” about non Hopscotch related topics? I don’t like it when we are limited in certain topics for the sake of it.