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The Forum Debate Topic!

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    1.Please no in appropriate topics and if you are talking in to debates at once make sure to specifically reply to the debate you are debating about…
    2.Keep Debates Hopscotch or coding related please!



@KayKat @UnderagedCoder1 @Gobli09
I made a debating topic so you can debate! I might debate myself!




That’s not a good idea. Debating is good. Maybe debate about HS related stuff though. @KayKat, @UnderagedCoder1


Who wants to debate about something on HS?



Current Quality In Featured

What are your:


Like what? I might. I’ve gtg in 10 minutes though.


I think the quality in Featured has gone down dramatically over the past year…I mean Featured used to have Game Changers in them and now on average they get 10,000 plays!


Maybe art on HS, quality in featured, and on other coding related topics maybe which programming language is nice…etc etc


What do you mean by “they used to have game changers in them”?


Does anyone disagree with my statement on the quality of featured? We can have a debate!


Like featured projects used get projects to Game Changers level now nothing iPads gotten into Game Changers like at all…


I don’t disagree
I remember when I just joined HS I saw a bunch of kewl things on featured and they got like 1000-10000 likes
Not all of the projects on featured are bad, some of them still look kewl


Yeah what do you think made the popularity go down? I think it was the time hit Summer and everyone lost there school iPads and forgot about Hopscotch and nobody ever got as many views every again…


I don’t know…
It could just be a bunch of peeps leaving because of school iPads being taken away…
Or the quality of featured projects could be decreasing


Claim: featured has improved. It allows people to actually try to get to it, it’s diverse, and it still has complex projects.
Warrant: featured is just becoming something that everyone can work towards. That keeps more people either HSing or doing it happily. For people without much popularity, it is somewhat reality to get featured if they work for it. It now allows projects other than those of a certain group of people to get it by letting more people get it. There are still many complex projects by famous HSers. DMF, COAN, Kay Kat, and others still get featured. Overall, featured has improved by giving people a chance to reach their dreams, show who all we have in our community, and still giving our favorite famous people features that make your mouth drop.

I’m not good at this.


Well think about it…a lot of good game ideas have already been used and everyone is like…we don’t want to see a pretty much identical Fruit Ninja or Geometry Dash…


People started really complaining when THT did those daily challenges staring back in like November or December. That’s when they started featuring unpopular people.


I wasn’t in Hopscotch for November to December…I just forgot about it…


I had an account before OfficialHopscotchRemixer it was called Latin. I only remixed 5 projects ever… and then Is like…hey maybe I should try again!