The forum code group (looking for members)



I can join if you want


Yes! Just click on the link and click message I think.


I will do that now


Oh, I just added you.


@FCG if u got this just ignore it


So, what should our first game be?

  • A game
  • A trail art
  • A pixel art
  • A background
  • An other (comment down bellow)

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How many members do we need to start?

  1. We have 2 so far. Do you know any good coders who would be interested?


Maybe? I can’t think of anyone now


Hey! I would love to join!
But for future references don’t tag both OMTL and POMTL it is sometimes annoying


Okay. I’ll change it


We need one more member


Anyone know one person who would like to do this?


ME! I kind of already do this with another account!


Great @FluffyMice. That makes 4!


Alright. That means we can start! @FCG!


Alright I’m going to make this poll again. What should we make first?

  • Trail art
  • Pixel art
  • Game
  • Simulater
  • a background
  • Other

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We are doing this, right?


Everyone voted something different so what will we do?


Uhh. I’ll change mine. I guess we are doing a game