The forum code group (looking for members)



Accepting members who have some coding experience. So, basically, I’ll link a project, and the members will remix it, and link the remix! So who wants to be in?


Is it somewhat like this?


Not really. That group, is a group account on HOPSCOTCH, while my collab, is just remixing and re linking. So, do you want to join?


Oh okay

No thanks…sorry


I’m confused…, what’s the point of just remixing the same project? Does the club do any actual coding?


I start off with a project. The group makes it better, and links the remix. Then we remix on the latest one. When we are satisfied with our work, we all will publish the remix in our account


Oh ok. Sounds cool :+1:t3:


I’ll do this! @PurpleArtist! When do we start!?


This is exactly like this:

Edit: wait, Gobli just said that.


Yes, that is what I was thinking


That’s exactly what Gobli said.


I told them,theirs is a account on hopscotch. Mine is just linking and remixing


Uh, fine. I get it. I’m not allowed to make a topic of my own without people complaining about it.


Sorry about that
But to be honest I thought it was similar


Dude no one ever said that. Though I feel the same…


When I have enough members.


Hey, do u wan 2 join?


I’m good, too busy. Sorry


Alright, I have the group from T1


@laser_eyed_puppy, I put u in!