The Forum Clean-Up Crew!


So the forum is getting really clogged with unnecessary topics right now. Seriously. After PT and Anon announced they were leaving, and friendship got suspended, something just clicked, and now the forum is a mess. So, i thought id start a clean up crew! All they do is if they see a topic that is...
* leaving/vacation topic read my "About the Categories" topic to find out why these arent necessary
* duplicate topic
* topics saying you are a turtle or potato
* topics saying "im a reg now!" cause thats what the "welcome to the lounge topic" is for :3
...then kindly reply and say "i dont believe this topic is necessary. Please check out this topic:

Would you like to recycle?"

ppl who may be interested...


Just tell me is you want to join, and i will add your name to the list! I would recommend bookmarking my about the categories topic if you join :wink:



I wish to join! :D


Hi @happyfacegirl! Can I join


Hey can I join? This seems cool!


I'm happy you tagged me.:slight_smile: I would love to join the clean up crew!:grinning:


Yep! And you too @Explorer_! And @AlohaHawaiiStudios! And @Glitter_Kitty! And @TheGreenBanana! And @Candycane! And @Kitkat26! And @AwesomeNachos! And @Niftynia75! And @BellaWafflez17!


I also can't like ;-;


Sure! I'll join!


I'd join if I didn't leave. ;-;


Wow this topic is blowing up fast!


Sure! If love to! Thanks for tagging me!


I'd love to join! :DD


I'll join!!


This topic is growing fast! @happyfacegirl


Ikr lol im just editing my post to awesomenachos and adding everyones name!


@happyfacegirl I'll join! :D

But, I think chain games are absolutely fine, so I would be lying if I said "I don't believe this is necessary." Lol

Also, please don't just tag a ton of random people.
You can just use the OMTL.
I kinda dislike being tagged on random topics if I haven't asked to be tagged. D:

Also, I don't agree with "the forum is dying" part because the forum isnt dying, some people are just leaving. :D


Cool! I'll be on the lookout!!



Ikr lol


Can you write us down in the members list on the topic.:slight_smile:


This is an awesome idea! May I join?