The following tab: the biggest issue with Hopscotch

Hey Hopscotch!
I have been noticing that due to the Following tab being in the 7th position, it has been getting less attention, making it harder to just get attention from your own followers. The only reliable way of getting plays & likes is by getting curated on some higher tab. I think this needs to be updated.

The front page should be the following tab. Here’s why it would be extremely beneficial to Hopscotch:

  • Masterpieces is inactive. In my opinion, Masterpieces should not be the first tab. Masterpieces features great games but it gets updated rarely due to its high requirements, therefore people have kind of already played most of them many times. For example my project had been on top of Masterpieces since like March I think, which is 6 months of people opening Hopscotch and just seeing that immediately. It’s great for me, I’m really happy with that, but the inactivity on that tab makes it almost… boring. I think it should keep its same high requirements, but it should not be THE FRONT page, I think it’s a great fit for second tab.

  • You see more new projects frequently. It’s not only the Masterpieces tab that’s inactive, even the excellent tab has had like 2 projects since August. None of these 7 first tabs are getting updated frequently - which is totally fine, the quality expectation for them shouldn’t be lowered, but people just don’t see new projects frequently. The following tab shows you projects from creators you care enough about to have followed, these are projects you want to see in theory.

  • It’ll create more attention on non-curated projects. How many non-curated projects have over 10 likes? Almost none to be honest. Is it because they’re “less good”? Could be, but I know for sure a lot of these aren’t getting as much attention as they would if the following tab was higher.

  • More likes leads to people publishing more often leads to higher average quality. Am I the only one that has noticed that people publish wayyy less often nowadays? It might be because the quality focus is higher but I think it’s because it’s depressing to put tons of work into a project as a beginner and have it not be good enough for the Rising tab, therefore people publish less because they’re discouraged from the very beginning. If they can get their followers to easily see it, they’ll get more likes, be happier, put more effort into Hopscotch, therefore we will have more Excellent/Rising projects, maybe even more masterpieces because people will stick around longer, and therefore get to develop their skills to a higher level before they eventually leave. I genuinely think that having the following tab so low is damaging Hopscotch

  • Make people follow more people. I feel like people don’t go on profiles and click the follow button much anymore. I don’t know about this one but even when my project is the very top game on masterpieces, I’m getting less frequent follows than I previously had. I don’t really care since I don’t publish often but I can imagine the effect is much worse for people not on the front page. This will bring value back to the follow button, which will make people check out creator pages more often.

  • It’ll reinforce the sense of community. Hopscotch feels pretty “divided” to me atm. Not in a way where everyone hates each other but in a way where people just don’t care about what others are publishing. Putting the following tab first is a small change that can make huge improvement to this imo. If the first thing you see when you open the app is what others are publishing (not what 3 or 4 creators have published in the last year), you naturally are forced to care more.

  • It’s really hard to come back. It’s really tough to return to Hopscotch after a long period of inactivity since a lot your old followers are now gone, and those that are left don’t even see your projects. For example, @CodingRoyale returned 3 days ago after 3 years of inactivity, this is a Hopsctcher with 7 projects with over 60 likes, and 2 Masterpieces. For their return they got no more than 3 likes, which I think is not proportional to the number of followers they probably have that are still active. It’s really hard to return after long inactivity. Even me, for my last two projects (each being after a one year inactivity period), before them getting Masterpieced, they don’t get that much attention, and you need to post on the forum and tag people to get them started. Not everyone has a huge taglist with 60+ people to notify every time they publish, so I can imagine it’s a real struggle to even get them noticed at all in many cases.

TLDR: following tab should be before Masterpieces

Anyways, tell me what you guys think about this; personally I think that having it being 7th place is just straight up damaging the community, and I think for a small change it could really do so much good to the community

Also, for newcomers who have followed no one yet, the tab should be empty, and there should be a thing telling them to follow creators to get projects in their feed, along with a button to see the community that takes to the Masterpieces tab or the Excellent tab. It should NOT just bring them to the Masterpieces immediately if they haven’t followed anybody because I very much suspect that quite a few newcomers don’t even know about the following function, and many of those who know just don’t care


This is smart! I agree! Especially with the hopscotch being less active thing. This or something similar really needs to be added.


Yeah its annoying to scroll over to the following tab to check lol


This one especially ,3(


Cool idea, I think it shouldn’t be the first tab imo, but the main reason isn’t that people are publishing less, but there’s just less people on hs


That is VERY true - @/ClownPig @/MarkerGames @/CinnabunPizza @/Cobalt_Phoenix and so many others get less attention just because they are (kinda) new and honestly popularity just seems like a game of how long you’ve been on here


I will also write a longer post if my opinion just can’t rn


im not new lol

but yea i agree, but personally i dont think it really matters how new you are, i’ve seen so many new coders that joined this year and have tons of likes on their projects.


Yeah I know I don’t think it’s new, but tons of people have been in here for 4+ years so I should say relatively new


ig that makes sense. ngl, i feel like now popularity on hopscotch depends on your art skills and there are few popular hopscotchers who actually code at this point

is 2014 really new? /j /nm


No if you disagree that’s fine lol! /gen /nm

Oh yeah :person_facepalming: before the forum i forgot you’ve been on for so long


I agree. I also have noticed a significant decline in new projects.


I regret my hiatus terribly


i would be open to THT experimenting with the channels list and how projects are played in general. :)

here’s some ideas for discussion too, put in a folder as it got long :sweat_smile:
note that these are my thoughts and i don’t represent the hopscotch team/leaders in any way here :]

my thoughts!

an idea i saw a while back was to bring back something similar to tags, with the addition of letting users put tags on projects, the intention being to have projects be automatically sorted over time, as people add more tags! i’d hope that it would also help people find projects that they’re interested in, such as art or games!

in general though, more options for projects to gain visibility would be great - especially if it can be done automatically, so manual curation can be focused on excellent and masterpieces.

another idea for the front page: something similar to old Featured, where each day or two some of the best projects (either decided by stats such as plays, likes, etc or chosen by THT) published in the last few days are added. the reason i would prefer this is it lessens the stakes to get a project on the channel, while still giving a decent amount of publicity, since more people overall will be rotating through compared to excellent and masterpieces.


Ok, well i see where your coming from but I was hopscotching since 2017 a.k.a 6 years ago but your statement still stands because of the account /lh /nm


They should add recent games to the front or maybe project of the month/week


You mean the newest category? Because i feel like that is good where it is, we dont need a lot of spam right at the front of Hopscotch


i think all the hastag tabs shouldn’t be there at all, because its misused by literally everyone at this point


literally a simple drawing has the hashtag # games :sob::skull:


Its so annoying